Dashing Through the Snow!

Okay, so I just had to try out the awesome 3fps continuous shooting and the Farmers just had to go sledding! This is was our trip to the subdivision park located just behind our house.
D.J. and Devin start their run.
Devin DJ jump 1 Approaching the jump.
Devin DJ Jump 2 Lift off!
Devin DJ Jump 3 Touch down!
Devin DJ Jump 4 D.J. goes solo.
DJ Jump 1 For Miss Is, it was just another lazy day at the park.
Maddy snow 2 crop
This is Devin, doing his best to fly like an eagle.Devin Mid-airLike any testosterone drenched male, his attempt was met with rousing barks of enthusiasm.
Devin Victory Of course, little brother had to try too. He upped the ante with a running start.
DJ Takeoff
DJ Mid-air PSI suppose watching your children throw themselves off the hillcrest and into a snow drift is worth this…
He tossed his beanie into the air and squealed,
DJ Post Jump 1 DJ Post Jump 2
DJ Post-jump 3 Devin was thoroughly impressed. Devin Snow Then it was back to racing down the hill. I guess driving reckless is the point here.
Better now than when they’re sixteen, eh?
Devin DJ Jump Tilt This picture was taken mere seconds before they ran into me as I squatted at the bottom of the hill, happily snapping away and quite content to do just that. I think D.J. was purposely aiming for me, that little Farmer! His tongue hanging out of his mouth says it all.
Devin DJ Awesome
Walking Home
Then it was time to head home, David asked me if I “had an accident”.
“What? Why would you think that?” I looked at him like he was slightly retarded for suggesting that I was, “Why would I pee my pants?”
Apparently, the snow from the back of my muck boots melted on my jeans as I sat on my heels to take the pictures, giving the unfortunate yet rather accurate appearance that something warm had runneth over and down my legs. Great. The only thing warm I want is a mug of hot cocoa and the fake log glow of our gas fireplace. Though D.J.’s blue eyes and rosy red cheeks makes my heart all warm and fuzzy on their own.
DJ Closeup Snow
And NO, I haven’t touched Photoshop, NO PHOTOSHOP!!!!! I love my D60!
Lots still to learn, even more buttons and toggles to figure out and two owners’ manuals to try and educate myself with. I think I needed to adjust the white balance to lighten up the background snow. Watch my depth of field and pay attention to those little range numbers below the viewfinder. Readjust the exposure…. I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you all the details.


  1. young family said...

    Love the pics, love that you could take the pics, and sooo glad you didn't have an accident LOL!!!

  2. ...for all eternity. said...

    Look at these beautiful shots!! I love them! I want this camera! Oh, and the kids are cute too! :)

  3. Savvy Little Women said...

    Awesome pics! So glad to see another family similar to ours!! Crazy, but fun isn't it?? I look forward to reading more!!

  4. TammyP said...

    So fun! I won't tell anyone what you told me about your 'accident'...... That camera takes awesome pix!!