Holiday Concert

Devin Trumpet 2

Devin had his Holiday Concert last night. He was looking sharp in his all black suit and being the snap-happy mother that I am, took a second to capture his momentary maturity. Notice the look he’s giving me? What does that say to you?

It was nice to hear the songs he’s been practicing as a whole. Intermediate band played “Pegasus”, “Castle Armamgh”, “Holiday Melody” and “Versions of a French Carol” Due to the number of kiddos and parents and the size of the Civic Center, we left promptly after Devin’s performance. Usually I like to listen to all the bands, but with a hacking cough and chain smokers sitting next to me, it was time to go. Besides, it gave those parents who were sitting out in the hall a chance to watch their son or daughters concert.

Looking forward to the next program in March!


  1. Connie said...

    Cotton candy, sweetpea!! Absolutely cotton candy.......

  2. Emma said...

    Tayler did his concert not to long ago too! It is really cool to hear the bands play.Except there was no itermediate, just beginners and advanced.

  3. The Gooch Family said...

    He looks so excited! :)

  4. young family said...

    That look looks so familiar :)

    Good job Devin!! I am glad Tayler is playing again this year. We need to get you two trumpet players together.