Mission Impossible: Episodes 4-7

Fourth Night: With all of our agents dressed in night gear, we headed out to drop the fourth Secret Santa gift, a Warm Delights single serving of fudgy brownies. Agent “Scarecrow”, “Flash” and “Pretty-Pink Princess” exited the assault vehicle through the right-side, rear hatch and plunged into the darkness. They were quick on their feet, scurrying up to the carport alongside the row of tall hedges. “Scarecrow” raised his fist, stopping his team in a instant. Something was wrong, he could sense it. He felt that tingle in the pit of his stomach, like just before Agent “Momma” would catch him simulating “battle” tactics on the super-spy training computer, the x-box 360 when he should have been solving complex gene sequences and equations like F=ma for the later, daytime cover mission as a middle-school student. “Pretty-Pink-Princess” pulled ahead, peeking around the corner to make sure the drop-zone was clear. Green light, time to move.

As they left the cover of the hedges, as stated in Agent “Flashes” report, the subject’s head popped up from the back door of her vehicle and forcefully asked, “Who’s there!” They were caught.

Quick on his feet, Agent “Scarecrow” revealed his locale, the other agents following. “It’s us.” Agent “Flash” handed the Warm Delights over to the subject as she continued to question them. Luckily, their years of interrogation training from their commanding officers readied them to remain silent, only giving out the mission’s objective.

“Who are you?” She asked with a plastic bag of groceries in her hand.

"Scarecrow” answered, “We’re your Secret Santa.”

“Do you go to my church?” the subject rounded the trunk of her car, “Are you in the program?”

The agents remained silent, though “Pretty-Pink-Princess” as about to break.

“I don’t recognize you, who are your parents?”

The agents held firm and smiled, backing into the abyss before running to the extraction point where “Butta G” and “Momma” were fully debriefed of their harrowing capture and narrow escape.

Never have our agents been caught before. This was the first time a subject had been outside the neutral zone, the warm comforts of their home, to interrupt a Secret Santa drop. The agents were devastated and yet proud that they did not reveal any pertinent information and that for all intents and purposes, Secret Santa was still a go.

Fifth Night: Gate locked.

Sixth Night: Gate locked.

Seventh Night: Gate locked. The agents are starting to wonder if the subject has had enough of Secret Santa, good tidings we bring or not.

Until the next episodes….


  1. young family said...

    To bad they got caught :( Sounds like they handled it well though :)

    I love the code names, very fun!!

    We are going on 5 days out of school this week, YUCK especially the week before Christmas break:( Expecting one heck of a storm for the weekend, as if we haven't had enough this week.

    To bad you didn't get to go to Utah ;) Darn snow anyhow.

  2. Connie said...

    Ratz, they red/brownie handed, sweet momma G.......I hope they didn't break under the stress. I'll bet the "recipient" was gonna waterboard those little farmers!!! Whew, just in the nick of time.......
    Smooches to Team G.........

  3. Connie said...

    Yo, momma G, I was a "hot chick" even in the 40s!!! LOL.......
    Smooches again to Team G,