Drip Drip Drop



Happy New Year… twelve days late.  I’ve kicked off  twenty-ten with a vengeance against household chaos.  Not that I could ever eliminate the crazy altogether, but I can at least dampen the blow.  Three bus loads of stuff have been dropped off to charities and the slow drip of tangible organization is making its way into the bedrooms of three Farmers.  Everything has its place –even my sanity.  Looking toward the spring and summer, I know I’ll be just as busy as ever (which is very good) and the “mommy-maid” chores will only get more difficult to keep up with.  It’s been hanging like a lead balloon over my head for the past few months and I’m tired of waiting for it to come crashing down so my new philosophy on the subject is “better now than later cow”.  Yes, as in “Don’t have a cow, Mom.  It’s not that messy.”   We’ll see how the up keep goes.  In the meantime, I’ll seek and destroy the chaos of the kitchen, pantry, master bedroom and closet to finish my “house of order”.


Today, I didn’t get so much done.  It’s a rainy day, errands had to be made and I lacked the breath to dive headlong into the cupboards.  The sun and the Murphy’s oil will come out tomorrow, red-headed orphans or not.



f/5.6  shutter:  1/640   Exp: +.33  ISO 3200


Raindrops on the window.


Raindrops-2f/5.0   shutter:  1/1000  Exp:  +.33  ISO 3200


Splash down on the cement.



f/5.3  shutter:  1/2000  exp: +.33  ISO 3200


f/5.3  shutter:  1/2000  exp: +.33  ISO 3200



f/5.3  shutter:  1/1000  exp:  +.33  ISO  3200