D.J.'s Christmas Party

Friday, D.J. had his class Christmas party. Maddy and I came to visit and help out when needed. They made candy trains (as pictured) and gingerbread men decked out with gooey gumdrops, frosting, m&m's, and red-hots. They played Candy-Bar Bingo, where each student brought in a full-sized, gift wrapped bar to win. It was fun to watch and listen to the second grade kids burst out in spontaneous song while cleaning up the mess.

I happened to be there just in time to watch D.J. take his spelling test. I noticed that he twirls the front of his hair in deep concentration and asked his teacher if he usually does that and she responded with a smile and a little laugh, "Yes." It apparently works, he passed with 100%!

Once There Was A Snowman...

(Hi-Ho the Dairy-oh the Farmers in the snow.)

(Devin and his new best friend.)

(D.J. made him all by himself.)

(Someone smaller that Maddy can boss around.)

Sisters In Stitches

On Tuesdays you'll find myself and a lot of other sisters in stitches, quite literally. We started making humanitarian quilts after Thanksgiving and have so far stitched every week since. We've completed four double-sized quilts, two singles, and have six ready to be tied after the holiday break.

It's not very hard work but somehow I've managed to prick my finger on every single one. Blood, sweat, and tears for sure. The kiddos play in the gym and each sister brings a snack to share for lunch. I like to think of it as a playgroup with purpose.

Spending the time with these girls has been a blast, they each bring they're own brand of humor to the group. We can give advice if asked for or vent if needed to a sympathetic ear. I understand the importance behind why the ladies of the past started such groups; stitching friendships along with quilts, binding and tying lives together.

Each of the quilts are made from donated fabrics. It's usually a mixed bag and we do the best we can. Today I'll be turning in these four quilts to the Humanitarian Center in Boise just in time for Christmas.

Oh What Fun It Is To....

Hit it boys!

"Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg..."

D.J. and Devin trimming the tree.

Maddy loves all that sparkles.

D.J. was disappointed in his lack-luster bauble.

Christmas Farmers. I think they ran a dairy as much as they 'cheesed' these pictures.

It's not so much brotherly love, more of an opportunity to slime your little sister.

About ready to throw my camera out! Fuzzy, grainy pictures and for that I apologize. I'm hoping I can work some of my photoshop magjc and at least come up with an 'artsy' version.

In Remembrance

Childrens Christmas Party

(Devin, D.J., Mrs. Claus, Santa, Maddy 12/3/2007)

The company my husband works for throws an annual Childrens Christmas Party for the kids of its' employees at no cost. They rent an entire dome/stadium and fill it to the top with games, rides, and activities. This was our second year and the kids had a ball.

We arrived fifteen minutes early and found ourselves in a short line. Our mission was for the boys to go with me to the Laser Tag arena first and Maddy and Dad were to hit the 'BIG' slide before the lines got too long and we were to meet back at Santa's.

Unlike last year, Maddy didn't scream at the site of the jolly, red-suited old man, though it did take a minute or two to convince her it was alright to sit on his lap and to tell him what she wanted for Christmas.

Dinner consisted of tater-tots, mandrian oranges, pretzels, olives, and carrots- all finger foods and all kids' favorites. The kids frosted cookies, played as many carnival games to their little hearts content. Devin and D.J. harnessed up on the bungie/tramp jump without batting an eyelash and proceeded to do front flips, back flips, and with the assistance of the workers, fly like Superman. Maddy spent a lot of time in the jump house or climbing the kiddie obstacle course.

It was a perfect way to spend F.H.E. Monday night and have plans to attend again next year. It's nice to work for a company that cares about their employees kids.

Only A Mother

(Maddy's Misery)

'It's the most wonderful time of the year'... or not. Wednesday, Maddy was hit with the flu of all things. Beating chills she would bury herself in a pile of blankets one minute and the next, taking off all her clothes. Her tummy hurt and I would sit and rub it just how she likes; small, soft, slow circles. Since Maddy was crashed out on the couch, I took the opportunity to clean my recently bombed house or so you would think it was bombed, raided, and left in ruins.

And of course, when all the world is fast asleep, the worst of it happens. The up and down multiple times a night for more belly rubs, a nibble of toast here, a sip of water there and enough potty visits to decimate a double roll of Charmin. It was after coming back from one of those visits things got ugly, and I mean ugly.

It has always been a mystery to me when a small child, who hasn't eaten anything of substance all day, can still projectile vomit massive amounts of goo all over you, the bedding, and the carpet. I was sitting square in the cross-hairs, taking a direct hit to the chest and though the big, red bowl was sitting in my lap, I was helpless.

In the split second that I had to react for round two, Maddy, knowing what else was coming, tried to get out of bed and get to the bathroom which of course would be a great idea but her stomach nor her bowels could wait. Therefore the carpet took the next barrage, launched from her daybed and the bed, which I just took off the noisy, plastic cover. got the 'other' mess.

I just sat there, looking between her, my soaked nightshirt, the splattered cream quilt, and the beige carpet I doubted would ever been 'fresh' again. "It's okay, Iz. Let's get you cleaned up."

One measly snore later, it was time to wake Devin and start my day. Only a mother could deal with goo and poo, not a wink of decent sleep, and greet the early morning without looking- or behaving- like a demon zombie raised from the depths of His Most Evils' brimstone paradise. Okay, I didn't look too pretty I admit but for the record, I wasn't nearly as grumpy as hubby who survived the chaos from the warm comfort of bed. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.

Only a mother.

Good new is, Maddy is back to being chipper two days later and the rest of the farmers are just as feisty, dodging that oh-so-fun bug.

Progressive Dinner

(The Christmas Wish Box)

Our RS Progressive Dinner was this last Tuesday, the 4th of December. We had three sisters who opened their homes for the sit-down dinner which was lasagna, a wonderful green salad full of nuts and fruits, and french bread. Their homes were beautifully decorated for Christmas and the atmosphere was cheerful. Like most progressive dinners, we had a large turnout.

In an effort to help those who may have needs, temporal and spiritual, these Christmas Wish boxes were placed on the tables. Each sister had the opportunity to write down a 'wish' and place it into the box for either themselves, their family, or someone the knew. Those wishes would then be placed on the Giving Tree I'll be setting up in the lobby. That way those who want to help can help those who need it, anonymously.

After the main course, everyone met up at another sisters house for dessert. Cheesecake with a to-die-for raspberry and chocolate sauce. We ended the night watching the Church's video presentation of The Nativity played simultaneously with Amy Grant's Breath of Heaven. It fits perfectly and is very touching; reminding us for the true meaning of Christmas, of Christ's birth.

It all, it was a success and well worth all the stress and work of making it happen. I have come across a different version of 'Breath of Heaven' on YouTube. The video is from last years movie, The Nativity Story.

The Root of the Matter

(D.J.'s first lost tooth at nearly 8yrs. old.)

D.J. lost his first tooth, finally! A few weeks ago, he came to me and said that he had a loose tooth. After opening wide and showing me his pride and joy, I saw that his permanent tooth was breaking in from behind. A trip to Dr. B - our dentist- was needed.

Dr. B's assistants numbed his gums with a topical paste followed by a few shots. We waited for it to take effect, laughing as his plucked at his lips. Dr. B came in and asked how he was doing.

"Is your mouth all tingly?"

"Uh-huh, I didn't like the shots though," still plucking at his bottom lip.

"That's how we make it numb."

"I know how to make your legs go numb." D.J. sat up a little straighter in the chair, Dr. B. wasn't the only one who knew something about the subject.

"How's that?" Dr. B. gathered some supplies from the cabinet.

"Sit on the toilet a really, really long time." He said with conviction like expert with experience.

I nearly died trying not to laugh; trying not to cry. Dr. B. happens to be a family friend as well so I would have to live with the embarrassment longer than the semi-annual, 30mn. trip to the office.

"Yeah, I know about that." Dr. B. said without missing a beat, "That happened to my brother once, he had to fall of the toilet because his legs wouldn't work."

And that was the beginning of a conversation I'll never forget.

A few minutes and a few more shots later, D.J.'s monster tooth was out. The front root had not absorbed and made it virtually impossible to fall out on it's own. The Tooth Fairy was extra nice, $1.25.

More proof organized chaos.