D.J.'s Christmas Party

Friday, D.J. had his class Christmas party. Maddy and I came to visit and help out when needed. They made candy trains (as pictured) and gingerbread men decked out with gooey gumdrops, frosting, m&m's, and red-hots. They played Candy-Bar Bingo, where each student brought in a full-sized, gift wrapped bar to win. It was fun to watch and listen to the second grade kids burst out in spontaneous song while cleaning up the mess.

I happened to be there just in time to watch D.J. take his spelling test. I noticed that he twirls the front of his hair in deep concentration and asked his teacher if he usually does that and she responded with a smile and a little laugh, "Yes." It apparently works, he passed with 100%!


  1. Forever Young said...

    That is so cute that he twirls his hair, come to think of it I have noticed he has a curl in front. So if I twirl my hair will it be curly?? Good job on the 100% DJ!!

  2. Stacey said...

    I've always twirled my hair, well... not so much now. I thought about cutting his mop into a nice crew-cut, but figured he only has a year or two left of the paige-boy before he outgrows it.

    D.J. has been doing awesome in his school work this year. Finding out that he sneaks reading books in class amazed me. "You're talking about my D.J., right?"

    His teacher said that he's the first to get his class work done, sloppy, but correct in every way. Then he goes and reads his books. Sometimes she tries to catch him off guard when he is reading during lessons by asking him a question. For the most-part, he gets that right too.

    "Don't discourage him, let him go." Was the advice his teacher gave me. Sloppy writing doesn't matter much when his little brain is soaking everything else up.

    My D.J., right?

  3. Forever Young said...

    That is great that he loves to read, maybe he and Emma have more in common than we know :)

    DJ is such a cutie, always happy. Your kids are going to be geniuses (is that a word? obviously I am not one :)) or should I say already are.