Happy New Year!

Our family has enjoyed the quiet break from school, work, and most of our other responsibilities. Dave and the boys have gone out shooting a few times while Maddy and Mom played princess ballerinas or with her new Littlest Petshop toys. I have still not won a game of Heroscape and D.J. and I are duking it out playing Battleground. He has the advantage of double cross-bows.

We've completed Avatar: The Last Airbender series or should I say, we're all caught up! Just for fun, or more like an attempt to keep my sanity these last few days of winter break, the Farmers and I made a Fan-Vid of Avatar. Picked the song (Crashed by Daughtry), drew our own storyboard, and found the video segments, each step we took together. We're quite proud of our little creation. And just so you know, those of you who watch Avatar too, Maddy put Zuko and Katara together. I found out on New Year's day just which 'ship' my family was sailing and apparently I'm not on it! lol Devin even has the rest of the series worked out in his head and D.J. revealed the final twist. It's good, so I'll keep it to myself.

And now for your enjoyment... Crashed


  1. Forever Young said...

    I have seen the avatar, and its pretty interesting. Cute video. how long did it take to put together?

  2. Forever Young said...

    ok you have done something that I could never do, and sadly not sure I would want to do. I need to send Tayler to you so he can have a fun youth :)

    Avatar is one of those things I have never watched so I am lost. It is cool how it all went together, though.

  3. Stacey said...

    Hi Jackie! The video didn't take too long to put together because we have every single Avatar episode on our computer. It was just a matter of finding the particular ones we wanted. We made it using Windows Movie Maker that came with Vista. We love Avatar... got the next episode today, so you know what we'll be doing tonight!

  4. Stacey said...

    No, it's easier than you think. It was a lot of fun though. We've even thought about making another one! Whatever, Tayler does a lot, you guys are great; the whole robot lego thingy... were not so exciting! lol

  5. Forever Young said...

    So are you saying you don't want my son???? You could just add him to your other two and you wouldn't even notice him :)

    I still have to say it doesn't sound like something I would try, but I could see my kids wanting to :)