Countdown to D-Day

The end is nigh. The final countdown. D-Day. Done-Day. The first of May.

Why May first? Because I'll be playing Bed & Breakfast to not one, not two, three would be a charm, but SIX families. Large families. Families with kids - lots of kids. Our extended family, from both sides of the religious aisle.

Why must I turn our home into a budget-busting, hope-you-don't-mind-the-sofa-here's-a-blanket, Holiday Inn and tip-toe around the potential minefield of the Mormon vs. Baptist holy war? D.J.'s baptism and Devin's Ordination -two unquestionably LDS rights of passage.

I'm glad my family wants to be involved, that they are more accepting of my so-called crazy Mormon life and eager to support their grandsons whether they are of their faith or not. Bottom line, we're all Christians and that's what really counts.

D.J.'s baptism is on Saturday, the 3rd of May with his conformation and Devin's ordination the following day. The boys are excited, I think, behind the nerves.


  1. Forever Young said...

    That will be fun???? The many families I mean. The baptism and ordaining is very cool!!! It sounds like it will be a crazy but fun weekend.

  2. TammyP said...

    You have such a way with words! You are quite a saint putting everyone up......