Yes, We're Avatards

Last Tuesday brought snow - lots and lots of snow. So much snow that school was officially called a 'Snow Day' Wednesday for the first time in fifteen years!

We played, drank, played some more and when we weren't subjecting ourselves to bouts of frostbite, we made another Avatar video. Yes, we're a bunch of Avatards and you need to be an Avatard too!


  1. Forever Young said...

    Ok, my kids think you are the coolest (I am only slightly jealous :)). So it is official I am going to send them to live with you :) I get the Grandbabies though :)

    So how much snow was "A Lot". We have had some weird weather this year. Tuesday school was delayed two hours, and last week there was a snow day. That seems like a lot to me.

  2. Stacey said...

    No, I'm soooo not the coolest! Your kids think you're cool too, it's just that they would be breaking the unspoken, natural law of order if they admitted it. So no, I won't take you kids! lol They can visit as much as they like though! (you too) By the way, I just read that there are only 8 episodes left in the series... we're bummed.

    It snowed and blowed all day Tuesday. Because of the wind it was a mixed bag. Some places had a foot while other 6-8 inches. Some moron almost hit me on the way to quilt group that morning. If I hadn't put the Yukon into reverse as fast as I did, I've have a squished car. What made me mad was that he was laughing. MORON!!!! He was probably uninsured... would be my luck.