M I S S I N G Update

Well, no trumpet.

Saturday, while Dave and I had the time, we bought Devin another trumpet. The brass is shiny and dinged up in a few places, the case screams 1963 and is quite an eyesore. The vinyl is cracked, peeling and missing in places over its tall, egg-like shape.

I suppose it will have to be his penitence, the embarrassment lugging around an ugly case, for his reoccurring forgetfulness. Sometimes I feel like I'm the Worlds' Meanest Mom or at least the runner up to Mrs. Universe, Meanest Mom from the Milky Way. Now I just need to buy another band book and cleaning kit.

His new favorite song to play is the Star Wars Main Title.


  1. Forever Young said...

    That is too funny, I bet he takes better care of his things now. At least for a couple of months any way :)