Progressive Dinner

(The Christmas Wish Box)

Our RS Progressive Dinner was this last Tuesday, the 4th of December. We had three sisters who opened their homes for the sit-down dinner which was lasagna, a wonderful green salad full of nuts and fruits, and french bread. Their homes were beautifully decorated for Christmas and the atmosphere was cheerful. Like most progressive dinners, we had a large turnout.

In an effort to help those who may have needs, temporal and spiritual, these Christmas Wish boxes were placed on the tables. Each sister had the opportunity to write down a 'wish' and place it into the box for either themselves, their family, or someone the knew. Those wishes would then be placed on the Giving Tree I'll be setting up in the lobby. That way those who want to help can help those who need it, anonymously.

After the main course, everyone met up at another sisters house for dessert. Cheesecake with a to-die-for raspberry and chocolate sauce. We ended the night watching the Church's video presentation of The Nativity played simultaneously with Amy Grant's Breath of Heaven. It fits perfectly and is very touching; reminding us for the true meaning of Christmas, of Christ's birth.

It all, it was a success and well worth all the stress and work of making it happen. I have come across a different version of 'Breath of Heaven' on YouTube. The video is from last years movie, The Nativity Story.


  1. Forever Young said...

    I want you to move back here so I can go to all of your awesome things. You are soooooo good at planning things. It sounds like it was wonderful, of course. Good job, I will have to watch the nativity with the song playing so I can cry huh :)