Only A Mother

(Maddy's Misery)

'It's the most wonderful time of the year'... or not. Wednesday, Maddy was hit with the flu of all things. Beating chills she would bury herself in a pile of blankets one minute and the next, taking off all her clothes. Her tummy hurt and I would sit and rub it just how she likes; small, soft, slow circles. Since Maddy was crashed out on the couch, I took the opportunity to clean my recently bombed house or so you would think it was bombed, raided, and left in ruins.

And of course, when all the world is fast asleep, the worst of it happens. The up and down multiple times a night for more belly rubs, a nibble of toast here, a sip of water there and enough potty visits to decimate a double roll of Charmin. It was after coming back from one of those visits things got ugly, and I mean ugly.

It has always been a mystery to me when a small child, who hasn't eaten anything of substance all day, can still projectile vomit massive amounts of goo all over you, the bedding, and the carpet. I was sitting square in the cross-hairs, taking a direct hit to the chest and though the big, red bowl was sitting in my lap, I was helpless.

In the split second that I had to react for round two, Maddy, knowing what else was coming, tried to get out of bed and get to the bathroom which of course would be a great idea but her stomach nor her bowels could wait. Therefore the carpet took the next barrage, launched from her daybed and the bed, which I just took off the noisy, plastic cover. got the 'other' mess.

I just sat there, looking between her, my soaked nightshirt, the splattered cream quilt, and the beige carpet I doubted would ever been 'fresh' again. "It's okay, Iz. Let's get you cleaned up."

One measly snore later, it was time to wake Devin and start my day. Only a mother could deal with goo and poo, not a wink of decent sleep, and greet the early morning without looking- or behaving- like a demon zombie raised from the depths of His Most Evils' brimstone paradise. Okay, I didn't look too pretty I admit but for the record, I wasn't nearly as grumpy as hubby who survived the chaos from the warm comfort of bed. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.

Only a mother.

Good new is, Maddy is back to being chipper two days later and the rest of the farmers are just as feisty, dodging that oh-so-fun bug.


  1. Forever Young said...

    Wow the things we do huh, but you seem to go that extra mile. I feel like a good mommy if I let them sleep on the floor by my bed. I haven't ever rubbed a tummy, I am not even sure if they would want me too. Did your mom rub your tummy when you were sick? You are an awesome mom and i am glad Maddy is feeling better.