Self Portraits… Ugh!

Treasure Hunt Tuesdays theme was hard to swallow, self portraits. Hardly a subject I could take delight in though like most moms who stay behind the camera, I don’t seem to exist unless I make that extra effort. It’s never fun to suck in that baby gut that just won’t go away, to hope that black really is slimming and you just happen to be wearing it – all over. Praying that your barely in the shot and that your ‘good’ side makes it and not the powdered sugar lipstick ring from that raspberry jelly doughnut you shoved into your mouth. Oh… I suppose I’ll just get on with it. Thank heavens for magic of Photoshop!

Yep, I’m a dork. Out at the lake with my tripod around nine in the morning. I took a bunch of pictures, but this is the only one I could muster up the courage to post. Blame it on bad shots; it happens more than I’d like it to. My point and shoot doesn’t like to focus on nothing (go figure) so I have to “lock” the auto focus on the tree and then rotate the camera to where I guess I might be in ten seconds if I’m successful at hurdling over the logs in my way, fixing my hair and remembering to sit properly all in under 9.234 seconds. The proof is in the pudding, look at the vertical stump to the left.
Finding the silver lining of this trip; it was beautiful, the landscape that is, despite the pop-pop-pop of gun shots in the distance. I think it’s duck season and good ol’ Elmer was at it.
Self Port 2

That’s me, (duh, Stace! Self-Portraits….) laying on the floor in the great room, you can see the back windows reflecting in my eye. Note to self, don’t rest your head on anything unless you want to look much older than you really are. Stupid wrinkles anyway.

Self Port 5 copy

As soft as a feather. My best impression of an angel, not to be mistaken as a “Victoria” kind of angel. They have fleece in heaven, right? Washed out, blended background, dodging, burning, hues & sats, sponging… there’s a lot of trickery going on in this one but if the “cover girls” can get away with it, so can I. Still learning, mind you.

Self Port 4

See!!! Lots of deception, but at least I’m being honest. Below is the naked, untouched original.

Ah, much better as an angel. Forget you saw the truth. “You can’t handle the truth!”

Self Port 4

And to prove that I really do have two eyes, my favorite – if I were to go so far as to ever call a picture of myself a ‘favorite’. I think this one captures “me” the best or at least the happy version I’d like to believe. Young at heart, wishfully doe-eyed in an old-fashioned way, with a quirky sense of humor. Doer of good, a hopeless, hapless romantic and lover of three very particular farmers.

Self Port 3 copy


  1. Bronco P3t3 said...

    Posted at 5:07 AM....What time do you have to get up with #1 son for school? No early morning seminary...Looks like Willie isn't the only one up before the crack of dawn...

    The lake is peaceful in the morning.

  2. The Gooch Family said...

    These are fantastic! I see you are loving the camera! Way to go. Wish you were able to make it this weekend but I'll hope for better weather and a chance to get together another time.

  3. Connie said...

    You certainly don't look like you're 52 years old, chickee!!! ;-)

  4. young family said...

    Would you quit it with the age thing. I am OLDER than you and I command you to STOP!! Because if you are old I am OLDER, so we will have no more of it :)

    I think it is funny that this week is self portrait because I just added a new picture of me when I make comments and it was the only one out of wwwwwaaaayyyy to many that I would dare post :)

    I like your photos, I like the one by the pond and the one of you photoshopped and the........... I like them all. Good idea and kinda fun don't ya think :)

  5. TammyP said...

    CUTE!!! That last picture looks like you are 15!! The other ones show your true age.....25!!! HAHA!!!

  6. ...for all eternity. said...

    It was kind of painfull I know but I think you will be glad you one in a few years. Some how time will fade all those little things you see wrong with yourself and hey, at least you'll have a picture of yourself you actually like instead of your driver's license photo plastered all over the news if you go missing! I would be horrified if the world saw mine and I probably would never be found because I look nothing like the photo! ;)