Battlefield Victory

Okay, I fully admit that I’m a treasure hunter and dress the part. Comfortable, tried and true sneakers, favorite jeans, zippered hoodie, natural looking make up – lip gloss included – and my locks properly pulled back into either a clippie-claw or the standard ponytail. My drivers license, debit card and cell shoved into the front right pocket, keys on the left with the fob hanging out so I know I haven’t accidently misplaced them and oversized sunglasses to keep my tapered bangs from obstructing my view. Locked, loaded and ready to roll. I’m going bargain hunting and Savers was the chosen battlefield.

Lately the deals have been few and far between or someone else has beaten me to the loot. One lady went so far as snatching a punchbowl out of my hands last month! Really? A punchbowl? Anyway, you got to look sharp, know what your after and be willing to dig deep if needed. Today – this morning – I emerged victorious. All my limbs were firmly attached, no blood was drawn (except for the $40.00 drawn out of my bank account which sometimes pricks a little more than a phlebotomist at three in the morning) and I called my mother, the Master - my Sensei, who can fully appreciate the euphoria I was experiencing.

So what did I get? I’ll show you!

Devin Boots & Gloves

Boots and gloves for Devin. January is Klondike and a Mutual sledding trip, these items are completely necessary to keep him warm and dry. They’re in excellent shape and at $10.00 for both, I can keep the thermostat at seventy.

Maddy Coat & Boots

Maddy’s getting a new coat and snow boots for Christmas too! The fluffy pink jacket she has now lasted her two years and at her age, anything that goes on her feet will be too small by next season. Pristine boots, perfectly purple parka… $8.00 total.

Poor D.J. , I didn’t find a single thing for him. I’ll have to keep looking now that the other two are set. But the deals go on and Miss Is the sole benefactor of such goodies.

White Shoes

White dress shoes. Like I mentioned above, she’s outgrown them in a matter of a few months and are an absolute necessity in the Sunday wardrobe. There’s a little scuff mark on the top (as pictured) but are otherwise as pure as the driven snow. If it wasn’t for the miniscule smudge, I would have thought that they had never been worn.

Black shoes

Black dress shoes. Same condition and the same low price, $2.99 a pair! And what goes with these too-cute princess shoes? Princess dresses of course!

Red Dress & Shoes

Red velvet, satin ribbon and embroidered layers of white organza. Seven smackers. With the shoes (counting on my fingers) $10.00!!! Okay, so I found something for one pair, what about the other?


Well, it looks frouffy enough.


Seems to be sufficiently sparkly.

Pink  Dress & Shoes

Absolutely perfect! The puffiest princess dress I’ve ever had the budget-saving pleasure to purchase. Layer after layer of tulle and a full underskirt in just the right size and just the right price, $7.00. Remembering my math, $10.00 for the entire outfit. TWO Sunday outfits!!

I think these items were just moved onto the floor; 9:30 in the morning and maybe three cars in the parking lot is a good sign. With the sizing being so close, I wonder if they were from the same little girl who donated them. Either way, I’m very grateful and Miss Is will be twirling all winter long until its time to brighten up another lucky little princess next year.

Woohoo!!! Christmas dresses with shoes, winter outerwear for two Farmers and all for $40.00! Oh, I bought a cute, black leather purse for $3.00 too and I'm a picky purse person!

It was a good day. The battle was won. And yet the budget war goes on… Twenty days 'til Christmas.


  1. Connie said...

    You did good, chickee!! Wish I was a little chick getting all those sweet dresses.......

  2. Jackie said...

    wow, you did great! i love good deals! I usually never buy anything, unless it has a price under 20 bucks (for clothing anyways).

  3. mandbrid said...

    WOW - I am so impressed. I ran through goodwill a few weeks ago and scored Bronwyn a poofy Christmas plaid skirt from Gymboree for $3.00, a pink skirt, a red shirt and a sweet buttoned cardigan all for $15. I don't do it often enough. I'd love to go with you sometime! I'll have to check out Savers...

  4. Barney Family Blog said...

    I am so impressed! There is nothing like getting a good deal. Although I have to say it is not something that I can do with kids. I just want to get in and get out. It's definately a Saturday morning leave the kids home with Dad kind of thing for me.
    You definately found some great deals, I could use some lessons!

  5. young family said...

    WOW!! You are always finding awesome deals. Once again I know I don't "find" the deals because it is physically impossible from my home but I can want to find a deal can't I ;)

    Enjoy the deal finding while your kids are young enough to actually like what you get them. Trust me, in a few years they won't like it very much :( It is just so sad when they get older and have ideas of their own :)