Fantastic Friday! *Giveaway Winner!*

According to our giveaway judge, Miss Is picked her favorite number between one and eight. The results were witnessed and notarized by David so I’m happy to announce the winner of the custom magnetic board to be….


Hope said...

Well I kind of crammed today for my Medical Terminology final.. (my hand was cramped really bad after 2nd block)... worked on my study guide for Algebra 2 in 1st block.... and then 3rd block I got a B on my Medical Terminology final :).... then I came home for early release and rewrote my letter of declaration for my Senior Project and wrote test notes for my Governments final tomorrow.... but as boring as it all sounds I had a pretty good day.

January 26, 2009 7:14 PM

Now you can keep you finals pinned for all to see! Congratulations on the win and for getting a B on your Medical Term. final! Just email me and we’ll get started.

To everyone else, thanks for playing in my first giveaway!



  1. Hope said...

    YIPEE!!! :) Thank you Stacey and Miss Is! :)