Commanding the Chaos

I’m happy to report that I have, for the most part, completed one of the many projects on my expanding To-Do List. My C.I.C.

You might be asking, “What’s a C.I.C., Stace?” There are over a hundred registered acronyms for C.I.C. Things like:

  • Commander in Chief
  • Counter Intelligence Center (US D.O.D.)
  • Combat Information Coordinator
  • Close In Combat (Marine Corps)
  • Communications Interface Controller (NASA, they have 3 different C.I.C.’s)
  • Chronic Idiopathic Constipation (Sometimes it just happens.)
  • Control and Information Center
  • Charles in Charge (For that 80’s nostalgia)
  • Cause It's Cool!!

All of the above. Except for Charles. I was never really a big Scott Baio fan and quite honestly, he couldn’t handle the job.

This is what happens when a girl has leftover wainscoting and an addiction to power tools.

First, I used a Skilsaw to rip the board length. Despite the name, it doesn’t take a lot of skill to run, just make sure all your appendages are accounted for.

Skillsaw Wains

I used the compound miter saw to cut the angles at a perfect 45.

Miter Saw

It doesn’t look sharp, but it cut through the boards like a bout of P.M.S. on a chocolate bar. I’m just guessing here… I wouldn’t know what that would be like or anything.


Next I laid out all the boards to make sure everything matched up, then I used the brad nailer to secure the frame first and the backing last. The sheet metal tiles were there just for looks at this point and were not attached. Filled the seams and nail holes with fast drying, easy sand, white filler. The stuff was like a tub of feather-light vanilla frosting. Something else P.M.S. would vaporize.

Message board layout 2

Time to paint. Two coats, cheap-o black paint left over from Devin’s Star Wars room. F.Y.I. We haven’t had dinner on the table for over two weeks now. I’m going crazy, the derby cars are almost done!


When the paint was dry, I centered the tiles and Goop-ed them down. A little goes a long way. Good thing, ‘cause I only had a little. 24 hrs to set.


I ordered each of the Farmer’s names, notes and schedule in vinyl. At the Hobby Center, I found an acetate overlay of a blank calendar; it was perfect for this project. Home Depot supplied the clamps for $0.33, I just pulled the blue rubber grips off and glued a strip magnet to the back. Those cute pebble magnets are in the plans and would be done by now if my printer hadn’t gone on strike… again.

Command Center 1

Scuff up the edges and voila! My C.I.C. Homework, permission slips, practice card, a months worth of church meetings… you name it and I’ll stick it. The sheet metal works great for dry erase and goes with my stainless steel appliances.

Everything Else Squares

Farmer Squares

I received an email ad from Pottery Barn and laughed when I saw their over-priced message/office centers. Sure, I can get extra doodads for keys and the like, but it won’t take my grocery budget to do it. Now all I’d like is a black console table to hold the charging cradles and more importantly, add some fluff. It’s still missing something. A catchy vinyl saying perhaps? What’d ya think? Any suggestions? I’d like to know!


  1. Connie said...

    Okay, make another one for me, chick!! LOL You did a superior job. I'm gonna have to come over and see what you're up to. Tomorrow??? You doing anything spectacular like rearranging your furniture for feng shui?!?! Hmmmmm????
    Smooches and smiles,

  2. ...for all eternity. said...

    LOOOOOOOVE IT! You could make those and sell them at a craft fair for a nice price!!
    So, now if only I had all those power tools.
    I do agree with the chocolate bar!

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  4. The Gooch Family said...

    I'm just wondering where I put my order in for one of my own? These are great!

  5. young family said...

    Very cute, I am not surprised you always make cute things.

    I say don't add anything to it because when the notes and things start piling on it might be too much. That is my two cents worth.

    So are you taking orders? Or are you going to make one and do the thing you were talking about doing on your blog, I have been patiently waiting *wink,wink* :)