Treasure Hunt Tuesday: Places I Love

There are so many places I love. The list would go on and on, each with their own special qualities near and dear to my heart and they would shuffle order depending on my current mood. This last week it became not so much as finding them as it was finding the time to getaway. I did happen to venture out to the orchard, a place that I love no matter the season or weather condition.

My little valley of Idaho happens to be stuck in the middle of an inversion and fog has been all anyone can see. Lending to the ghostly appearance, I think the mist has a surreal, lost feeling an empty orchard gives. There was some excitement to the outing though, on my way out through the upper road I was bl0cked in by two fire trucks and three Sheriff cruisers, all with their roofs lit up. Apparently, someone decided to set an alleged stolen car ablaze behind the stacks of wooden crates, setting a few rows on fire as well. One of the officers grilled me as to why I was there and of course, I start running at the mouth explaining my entire morning. I’m sure it was clear that I was an idiot, just not the grand theft auto and arson idiot.

So anyway, the places I love.

Orchard 1 Orchard 1b Orchard 2b Orchard 2d Sprinklers 2a Lake 1 The Lake. It’s hard to imagine flip-flops and sunscreen in four months time. The picture below was taken on the 17th of May, 2008.

Kalaloch, my home away from home and the place that I dearly miss. These pictures are, quite unfortunately, old. I love this pathway to the amphitheater. I used to ride my bike through it at top speed, now if I have the chance, a leisurely stroll to soak in as much as I can. The Sitka’s are misshaped because of the wind and develop tumors along their trunks creating a dense wooded area with lush undergrowth, bare middles and a dark green canopy above.


Miss Is at two! I believe her hair would be just as curly if it wasn’t princess length.MaddySCBeach2 ToiletTrio1 The “real” reason I love Kalaloch; building sand toilets with my sisters. It’s a long honored tradition, not necessarily toilets per se, but being there and getting dirty in the salty air. GIRLSO~2 I’m the shaggy-brunette on the right. Thought you’d enjoy a good laugh. And no, these pictures weren’t taken in 1960-something. More like 1987. Geez, I’m not THAT old. Left to right: Mom, Mindy, April, Jonathan and me.


Places I love.


  1. young family said...

    I like how you worded it, your favorite place changes with moods and life :) I feel the same.

    I'm glad you didn't get arrested for arson ;) I have only been pulled over once for a road block and I was totally nervous, just like I had done something wrong. Weird how police do that to me ;)

    I love the pictures!

  2. mandbrid said...

    The picture of you and the kids in the lake...I thought you were one of the kids! The trail looks awesome...makes me want to be there.