When A Good Idea Goes Bad *GIVEAWAY*

The only difference between the current state of my house and having an actual tornado tear through it is that the roof is still attached – that’s it. The good idea was to add wainscoting to the stairs, painting the great room, finish painting the loft/hall area upstairs and switch-a-maroo the Farmers bedrooms to give me space for an office. It all sounds fantastic, right?

I sold the furniture out of D.J.’s bedroom and bought a loft bed with a matching desk, chair, and rolling bookcase off of Craigslist. All the transactions went smoothly and I sold more than enough to cover the cost of the new bed. Why did D.J. need a new bed? Because he’s moving into Devin’s room in the dormer cubby and the more floor space he has, the better. He loves his new bed and the view from the top.

Now I’m left with toys. Lots of toys to find a new home for. Lots of toys will find a new home with the help of D.I. or Goodwill. Saturday I parted the closet and moved D.J.’s clothes in. Then it was time to tackle the mountain of toys which still stands this very moment. Sifting through Legos, Matchbox and Hot Wheel cars, plastic army men and enough Star Wars paraphernalia to shoot our own realistic movie has been overwhelming to say the least. Unfortunately, the mess doesn’t end upstairs where I can just shut the door, leave and pretend all is well and orderly in my world.

The dining room table is still out of commission; what was once in the hutch/buffet I sold is now on the dining room floor. Laundry, dishes and dust is a constant fact of life that if neglected for a few days will morph into a vicious, soul sucking, smelly monster intent on ruining my day – my week. Especially when Miss Is was struck with the bug Wednesday night and spewed all over her bedding. Raw Top Ramon embedded into the carpet, pretzels between the cushions of the couch and a pilgrimage of forgotten toys now suddenly loved and cherished scattered throughout the great room. And let’s not for get the bathrooms! The crunchy kitchen floor.

My computer crashed and burned, not because I chucked it out the window, though the thought did cross my mind. I was able to save most of my stuff, wipe the hard drive clean and reinstall everything. Usually I save that stuff for David, but since he’s been working all sorts of crazy hours, I had to be the geek in the family.

Monday morning and this is what I have to look forward to. Gee whiz, I’m so excited. Wanna make it a happy Monday? How about a giveaway? My first ever!

A magnetic message board like the this one, but you’ll be able to choose your colors!

DSCF0056 Message Board Papers This is what I got: Vintage looking postage/floral pattern, pink dots, orange and green dotted circles, blue bubbles, cheery floral and a green-light green floral.

All you have to do it tell me how your Monday went, it’s as easy as that! Random drawing will be Friday!


  1. Connie said...

    Squeeeeeeeeeal, a giveaway!!! Yep, I'll take the pink polka dots.

    So far it's going well. Can't complain as there are no "Farmers" around this house, just a fanatic "train engineer" with hopes of being buried in a caboose.

    Hey, what was that about mini-groups??? Got my curiosity up on that one. Anybody want to make birdhouses, crowns, get covered with tulle netting or have lunch?!!?!? Hah.


    Drop my name in the hat, chick!

  2. mandbrid said...

    Yay! a giveaway! My monday has been spent washing dishes since after the weekend EVERY dish in the house was dirty. Do I need to mention the laundry?

  3. Jackie said...

    Well its the end of a semester, so FINALS!!!! Yay! oh, and seminary :)

  4. young family said...

    I got up 15 minutes earlier than I wanted when my second oldest decided to trapse through my bedroom after my blowdryer. Dragged my sorry hind end out of bed and got ready to excercise.

    Came home, showered got ready to run to Costco. Bought milk and cereal for poor Terra sharp (her appendix burst about a week ago) and then I came home.

    Thinking of what to make for dinner, I never do well in that area, and am checking my blogs instead :) As of this moment I am hoping to WIN! I will be chanting pick me, pick me all week ;)

  5. Emma said...

    Hmm well I woke up this morning and I was really tired. Then I went to school and I hung out with friends. Came home did homework and can't wait till dinner. (Exciting I know)

    The message board is really cute!!!

  6. Hope said...

    Well I kind of crammed today for my Medical Terminology final.. (my hand was cramped really bad after 2nd block)... worked on my study guide for Algebra 2 in 1st block.... and then 3rd block I got a B on my Medical Terminology final :).... then I came home for early release and rewrote my letter of declaration for my Senior Project and wrote test notes for my Governments final tomorrow.... but as boring as it all sounds I had a pretty good day.

  7. Tia said...

    Did someone say free!!

    Well, I can't complain too much about my Monday however. Got up & shoved kids off to school. Went grocery shopping the money that doesn't exist. Got home and put everything away just in time to welcome my kids home from school. Did homework, basketball practice, dinner, FHE, and finally back to bed!!

    Love ya - Tia

  8. Big Daddy said...

    Hi, I love this blog!

    My Monday was awesome, I woke up looking at the most beautiful woman I know, then I went in to work and had a great day.

    When I went home there was a tasty dinner of Spaghetti with homemade bread waiting for me and my house was spotless.

    Please enter me into the drawing.