Cars Waiting to race.

Friday night was our Ward/Cub Scout Pinewood Derby; the kids were ready to race and so was Dad.

DJ Start Race 1

There’s D.J.’s car on the left, the blue and green Charger-like model.

DJ Race Finish 2

This time, he’s on the right, beating the competition.

DJ Race Finish 4

Looks like another one bites the dust.

DJ Race Finish 5

Devin Watching

Sometimes the races were too close to call.

Good thing the track had an electronic finish line to catch those split-second winners.

Devin had to wait until the very, very end to race his car. It wasn’t allowed in the open category due to the fact that it had a little motor inside. Ah, who needs rules anyway? When Devin did have a chance to show off his car, it did well until the engine petered out.

Maddy Race Finished The Little Old Lady From Pasadena? Miss Is smoked them in her pink princess car. Apparently, she’s in a hurry to look for her prince.

DJ Award D.J. took second place overall in his den division. Much better than last years results of dead last.

DJ Award CloseupLater that evening, he ran – in the dark – in the church house and smacked right into an outer corner. Bruising, blood and lots of tears from the center of his forehead, down his nose and a big fat lip. Hopefully he learned his lesson, though I highly doubt it.


  1. Bronco P3t3 said...

    That sure was a fun night. Especially for the boys. I'm excited that Gabe is now a Cub Scout. Many new and exciting experiences to come. Next year we'll work on the speed and style of our cars. This year it was about just getting the cars built!

  2. young family said...

    If you want in on our secrets to winning the pine wood derby, give me a call, I don't want to let everyone in on the things we have learned ;)

    I was impressed by all those cars, that is a lot of kids :) It sure makes for a fun night though, good job DJ on the win not the bloody lip ;)

    I had writers block last week and my parents surprised me with a visit this week, so I will be back on the blogging band wagon soon.

    BTW I love your new header!

  3. The Gooch Family said...

    Great job DJ! How I don't look forward to the upcoming years of that! That will all be dh's department.