For the Birds


David and the Farmers took on a Saturday project of making birdfeeders while Mom was at a Stake Relief Society conference and Devin worked on his merit badges at a Scout Pow-Wow. D.J. and Maddy made their own designs that Dad burned into the cedar planks. D.J. drew a picture of a bird on the fence with our cat, Spike peering over the top quite anxious to catch one.


We’ve been going through another bout of colds this last week – at least that’s my excuse for the ragged, messy, pajama-wearing look the kids are sporting and my lack of posts.


(Female House Finch)

The houses were mounted on a broken mail post we’ve been storing in the garage for nearly three years now. Hopefully, I’ll be able to grow clematis over it this summer to spruce it up a bit. D.J. and Maddy were watchful, begging every bird that flew by to stop and eat from their feeders. Finally it happened.

male house finch

(Male House Finch)

They’ve been keeping track of the different birds and taking pictures of all the new ones to look them up online and get a positive species match. We’re sneaky when it comes to educational stuff. D.J. said, “Grandma will be so excited that we’re watching birds too!” since he knows Grandma M likes to find them when she goes for her morning walks in the park. Sadly, Robins and House Finches have been the only diners thus far…

DSC_0057Oh, and Spike too!


  1. The Gooch Family said...

    These bird houses are fantastic! Great work! So glad Spike wasn't left out of the fun.

    On a side note, my vinyl lettering is hung in the room just off the front door, by my computer. And I really want PhotoShop Elements but can't bring myself to pay $80 yet. Hopefully for me birthday.

  2. Connie said...

    I have some more "fluff" for Miss Iz when ya wanna come over. I'm drowning in pink here! Check out the post tomorrow on shoes. You're gonna be in shock, I can promise you!!!!!!
    Smooches to the "good boy" and the woodworking farmers,

  3. young family said...

    Ok Yuck on the bird that spike liked ;)

    I like the bird houses and the way you mounted them, very cute. I'm impressed you got birds that fast, very cool. We love looking at birds too.

    Sorry you are all feeling yucky, I'm afraid I am getting a cold too. Sooooo ready for spring.

  4. ...for all eternity. said...

    That's so cool that you actually got a bird to stop by. Everytime I've ever made a bird house the closest thing I ever got was a squirrel!

  5. Emma said...

    Some of the words were cut off when i was reading your blog so it didn't make much sense. I like the bird houses!

  6. elle said...

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