Positive Person


This morning I had the honor of attending a Positive People Award assembly where D.J. had earned a certificate for his efforts in the classroom. His teacher wrote,

D.J. is a great person to be around. He was just absent for a few days and we really missed him. He has a positive, happy disposition and a heart-warming smile. D.J. loves a good book and makes productive use of his time reading when his work is complete. He is kin and friendly, and is always willing to work in a group with anyone in class. One of D.J.'s accomplishments this year is learning how effort is connected to achievement. He's making great choices in regards to his future. It's wonderful having D.J. in class.

Sounds like my Farmer, doesn’t it? Congratulations, D.J.!


  1. Barney Family Blog said...

    What a guy!! I just remember getting a kick out of DJ when we would come over to your house! Good job dude!!
    Thanks for checking in on us too!We're are definately glad the tornados weren't near us!

  2. young family said...

    I miss DJ, he was always so excited about everything, very postitive!