Growing in the Gospel





It was a very big day for Devin yesterday. 

He was set apart as the new Deacons Quorum President, along with the other members of his presidency. 

Devin had a little trouble with the Deacons’ handshake for mothers;

I got a quick, half-hug out of obligation which was probably to lessen whatever

humiliation he would suffer from getting all mushy in a room full of men. 

Too bad he was first, next time he’ll know better.


Congrats and Good Luck!


  1. Willie E. said...

    He will do a great job! I also have the great opportunity of working with him so he can't fail, right?!?!?!?! Sorry I wasn't there for him being set apart. I had other business to take care of... :(

  2. The Gooch Family said...

    Congrats! That's exciting stuff! He will do a fantastic job!

  3. young family said...

    How exciting for him! I got a smile on my face picturing the hug in a room full of YM :) I've done it too and it is funny the reaction from those boys ;) Good memories ;)