The Evolution of Miss Is



The Original, straight out of the camera.  Oh-hum; dark and boring, but with potential.



Maddy copy 2 flip


Flipped and brightened.  I also “desaturated” the reds so her cheeks weren’t quite so rosy. 

For example, if this picture was a towel soaking wet with red; I just rung it out until damp.

 Maddy copy colorized


Then I colorized it with a nice Pink Chablis color because I thought it was cute.

 Maddy copy 2 copy


Toned it down a bit with a really faint texture.  (Above full view, below a closer look.)


Maddy copy 2 copy


A few more clicks of the mouse, a squiggle here and there.  Tah-dah!  A new banner.


Peek Madness copy


  1. The Gooch Family said...

    Yep, as I just said to you in my email....I'm going to need a little tutoring at first! This is fantastic!

  2. Connie said...

    Since I have first hand knowledge of that little chick, her cheeks are ever rose-y pink!! I like the first one the best, mama chick!! LOL

  3. Emma said...

    That was really cool! What software did you use to do that? It was a really nice picture of Maddie! Oh and tell her I say HI!!