Changing My Mind

Okay, I know that blogs aren’t supposed to change too dramatically too often, but the last layout - however cool it was - just didn’t work as well as I had hoped. So I’m trying something else that borders the bland of basic instead of tastelessly trendy.

Geektechnonerdyese is still hard to decipher; I know a few html color codes now and what a secondary #navbarrttx is, just don’t ask me to explain in great detail other than it’s that colored blinkie-like box with the squiggles in it. More tweaks are on the way… my pea brain can only handle so much.

While I was changing the tags of every single one of my posts to date (193 of them) I got to briefly peer through the looking glass spanning the last year and a half. Some posts were really bad and others much, much worse. Some are better. Some will still end up in the trash. It became apparent that my Farmers are the most important, followed by my random, often delusional or misguided thoughts, whatever projects I happen to be working on around the house, family, friends, faith and pictures for the sake of exercising my right hand index finger that altogether should be filed under Lessons in What Not to Do. Oddly enough, the most popular post is The Truth About Cats & Bags followed by I *Used* to Be Cool. Great, confessions of a dyslexic moron and totally rad eighties style. Go figure.

As always, comments, thoughts, opinions, two-inch soapbox moments are welcome.


P.S. According to blogging etiquette, I’m supposed to answer every comment, (thanks Chick!) so I will endeavor to do so.


  1. young family said...

    Well I haven't got that thing called blogging etiquette, I'm not sure I have it anywhere in my life ;)

    I hope you find the way you want your blog to look, I am not picky I am just glad you blog, I miss you so it is very nice to still feel in touch with you.

    Happy Valentine weekend!! Can't wait to see the give away!! Yahoo!! Angee can't wait to see it either ;)

  2. Connie said...

    Oooookay, chick, let's get real. What in the world do you really want to do with it?? Hmmmmm???? Just "conquer" it so you can chalk that up to an accomplishment??? I've done it and finally considered it a "waste of my very precious time" because why should I do something that won't earn me money, fame, etc.??? Let someone else do it for me and I'll "tweak" as much as I want to OR NOT. Consider this carefully since frustration will definitely follow.

    I do, however, love the pix of Miss Iz in the banner, honey. She's a doll. Oooooh btw, answer the emails I've sent ya.

    Young family, maybe you don't really want to know, chickee!! LOL I'm with ya as to not being sure I have etiquette anywhere in my life either!!! It might throw the people in my life into "instant shock"!!