Hubby has a new hobby.  No, it’s not sewing – it’s welding.  Yeah, much more manly. 

But he did ask me last week where my sewing machine was and if I could set it up for him.  You can imagine my surprise.



He cannibalized a pair of his older, worn out jeans and used them to make a drawstring bag for his welding projects.


Grill 3


For the last two Saturdays, he and his man-friend, Willy, have been grinding out these campfire shelf-table things

made from bed frame angle iron, expanded metal, a large stake and a nut and bolt.  

It all started with a Dutch oven table. 

The bag is to keep everything organized and ease of travel when camping.

I can see my cobalt blue and white speckled camp water pot percolating to life on a cold Kalaloch morning.




Miss Is with her new Hannah Montana wheeled backpack I picked up on clearance at Wal-mart for $3.00.

  (She’s been wheeling it everywhere!) and Papa’s brand new bag, sort of.


  1. Connie said...

    We have one of those grills for camping and it works great, honey! Bought it several years ago. Now all you need is a reflector oven and you'll be able to do biscuits and gravy like the best of them! WE camp in style, ya know! Jack cooks, cleans and I read! Works well for us.......

  2. Bronco P3t3 said...

    That stand looks pretty cool! And now I have a back up if my tailor is unavailable when I need denim repair!
    Way to go Butta G!

  3. ...for all eternity. said...

    My husband is born and raised in ID so he is the camper. I've amused him a couple times and have gone along for an overnight but have since declared I'm not going again until we can rent/buy/borrow a camper of our own!
    I love that your hubby had such confidence in himself to just be like, "hand over the sewing machine, I've got a job to do!" and then he actually did it without jamming up the machine or asking, "If I push down the pedal all the way and make race car noises and shifting noises what would happen?!"

  4. Emma said...

    I like the backpack!:) I think that it's pretty hard to imagine him sewing! It's kinda funny to me. Is the whole bag made of denim or just part of it?

  5. Willie E. said...

    That hubby of yours is a 'jack of all trades'! Hey, we will have a dozen of these grill thingys made here in a few short months. Besides, who else would have made my dutch oven table? It's all good and we're having a great time welding, grinding, chopping, etc.!

  6. young family said...

    I have never seen anything like this before ;) Quite the handy man! Now you know he sews you can give some work to do ;)

  7. Jen r. said...

    You gotta love a man that sews~!