Kiss’n In Kindergarten


It’s time to proudly display the shotgun above the mantle with a large box of bird shot next to it.

“How was your day, Izzy?” I asked as we trotted across the parking lot, away from the morning pickup line. “What did you learn?”

“I don’t know.” Her usual non-answer to my usual question. “I have a new friend but it's not a girl."

"That's okay, you can be friends with everybody."

"He's a boy. He kissed me.”

“Where?” Trying not to sound so shocked while imagining a full-on, slobbery smooch from a fellow five year old over a bottle of Elmer's and a colorful pile of construction paper.

She was very matter of fact about the ordeal. “On the cheek,” there was no hint of a blush.

My daughters' been kissed and the next pathetic question that came to mind was, “Is he cute?”

“I don’t know. He has long brown hair and glasses. He’s shorter than me."

"That'll change." I chuckled, remembering how short the boys were in elementary school and how much they've changed by high school. “Why did he kiss you?"

"I don't know." Miss Iz shrugged, "It was gross though."

Phew, dodged that bullet. "What's his name?"

"Hmm," She had to think about this one for a while. "I don't know. I think it's Malachi."

'Oh, a biblical name' I thought, 'sounds promising'. Then again I do have a David and a Daniel. "Do you like him?"

"He's my friend, Mom." Maddy might have well said 'Duh, Mom... What do you think?'

For now, boys equal cooties as they should, until she reaches her mid-twenties. Okay, maybe we can at least put the ammo away.


  1. young family said...

    I love your new header. Very cute and original.

    I don't know what is up with all these forward boys these days, but it's good that she thought it was gross :)

    I will never keep up with you and all the things you do. I haven't actually canned anything for years. My poor girls are going to need to move to a ward like yours to get that knowledge :( I need to shake off this lazy bug that's a holdn' on. All your hard work looks awesome!! Go Stacey!! :)

  2. Connie said...

    Yeah, but keep the gun in sight, handy and the powder dry, sweetpea! It only gets "grosser" from here on out. I KNOW this from personal experience!!
    Smoochies........uhhhhhh, platonic ones,
    Connie :-)

  3. TammyP said...

    I think you and Dave are in BIG TROUBLE for the next 12-15 years with her. She is going to be 'chased' by many!

    Very cute new pix up top!!!

  4. nevertheless said...

    Alas, young love. Does it get any better? I think that you would have had a much harder afternoon if she had come home with a tear and no friends. I don't think that you have to worry about that though, at the rate she is going there might be a little boy out there going home with a shiner someday. It might be a good FHE - boxing tips from daddy - so she doesn't break her thumb;)