The Last Day of Summer... Vacation

These are some pictures I took at the pool this summer. It was such a relief, not only from the heat, to have the liquid playground in our neighborhood. My kids are swimming like fish, even Is, who throws a fit getting her face wet, can go under the water for a couple of seconds. Yesterday she decided that she could swim with only one water wing and proudly paddled herself around the pool, though slightly lopsided.

D.J. demonstrated a perfect belly flop, causing momentary pain but gaining props from the other boys for looking like Superman. Both Devin and D.J. are in and out and back in the water more times that I can count. I'm sure we'll make it to the pool before the season ends but for the most part, the everyday trips are over.






Lemmings on the Ledge.


Into the Drink.


D.J.'s artistic interpretation of the Michelin Man.



So long summer, see you next year!


  1. Emma said...

    We have been doing the same thing and i hope i can go at least once more before the pool closes! It is sooo much fun!!

  2. young family said...

    I love the picture of DJ saying so long summer :)

    I love the pool too, long hours of peace and then they are really tired afterwards :)

    I can't believe the time is already up, even though I have watched your count down thing all summer long. Hope and Jackie are registering for school today :)!!