Oh, What A Beautiful Morning

Sunrise First Day of School

I’m not really a morning person, but since I have a child old enough to be in Middle School who has to be up at the crack of dawn, I’ve gotten used to it and have decided that it ain’t so bad. I get to see this out my back windows and have the opportunity to enjoy a moment of relative peace and quiet. Yesterday morning, it was especially beautiful. Five minutes after this shot, I woke up said Middle Schooler.

David decided to play hookie from work and shuffle the kids to and from school; he’s never done that before, but with his Princess starting Kinder… well we know who’s wrapped around her finger.

It was surprisingly easy to get them all up and going. No grumbles or complaints despite the late hour when they finally fell asleep. I did have an episode of “I don’t have any socks” that was taken care of in an instant. “Raid your brothers sock drawer.” Lo and behold, three pairs of green Hanes socks tossed in with the blue.

Devin Before

My Devi the Sevie!

Devin Going

Later Longhorn! One down, two to go!

DJ Before

D.J.’s missing tooth makes this picture… interesting. He’s only minutes away now!

Maddy Before (2)

Miss Is was ready - really, really, ready and thought the whole picture taking was a for the birds.

Going to School

Time to go!

DJ at School

“Cheese. For the last time, Moooomm!”

Maddy at School

“Class, Mom. Or I’ll be late my first day and I don’t even know where my desk is!”

Maddy was the first to class. Everything was changed the day before school, after Meet the Teacher day. A new teacher, a new classroom, new desk – no worries. She settled in and said good-bye without a second thought. For all my excitement of having all my Farmers in school this year, I couldn’t help but get a little misty-eyed leaving her behind.

Maddy putting away backpack All done with backpack getting started

FREEDOM!!! ( like Mel Gibson in Braveheart) Sort’a. From a five to thirty-five year old, Hubby was my shadow for the day. “Just pretend I’m not here.” Yeah right, like I would expose my full-fledged membership to the Secret Society of Extraordinarily Awesome Moms?

The morning went by in a flash and it was time for Miss Is to be picked up. She was bouncing across the parking lot, singing “you got to move it – move it.” It was the best day ever.

Maddy Afterschool

We took her out to lunch; she graciously let us choose the restaurant, humbly asked if she was nice for letting us pick and answered herself with “I’m such a nice girl.” Sticky Fingers filled the belly, we escaped Costco only twenty dollars lighter and Devin was due back.

Devin Home

Homework? No. Trumpet? At school. Happy? Yeah.

Devin had a good first day, which is pretty important considering. New school, some new faces and six new teachers. Three different locker combinations to remember and three classes at the opposite end of the school. He likes his Language Arts/Advisory teacher and has a friend in every class. Hopefully that won’t be an issue. After last years scheduling/agenda fiasco, this year’s goal is to pick up where he left off. Devin’s binder will be ORGANIZED!

DJ Home

D.J. and Tyler, his new classmate, neighbor and walking buddy.

I walked down to the elementary school to pick up D.J. and spend some special one-on-one time. Apparently, I wasn’t needed or wanted for that matter. He had found a walking buddy and morphed into the boy who’s too cool for his mother. It was either him or I who lagged behind, at least until the buddy turned the corner. D.J. loves his teacher and is very excited to start third grade. Being able to watch over his sister is, I’m sure, an added bonus. “I know the rules of this school. Maddy. I’ve been going here for three years now, I’m an expert.”

And that was just the first day…

“Oh what a beautiful day. I’ve got a wonderful feeling, everything’s going my way!”

Sunrise First Day of School


  1. TammyP said...

    What a great report of your day! Sounds like it went off without a hitch. I love it when that happens. Too bad everyday can't be this way!!!

  2. Connie said...

    That's a darling pix of Miss Is, sweet chickee!! Now, I bought the living room table because it was "dented, scratched and "chained" - while at the factory(!) and hubs thought it got few scratches from the move over here. Uuuuuhhhhhh, yeah?? So????? He wanted to refinish it!!!!!! Can you believe that???!!It was purchased like that SPECIFICALLY(!) because of little kids visiting. Duhhhh... They couldn't hurt it if they tried. What's one more scratch? You know hubs - Bro. J - he's a bit weird sometimes. But he's lives in a girly frou frou house so that gives him lots of points in my "BOOK"! I don't EVEN stress of any more scratches in it and you can even put your feet up on it if you want.......sheeeesh.......it's all about comfoooOOOOrrrttttt, my little chaotic chickkkkk!!!!

  3. young family said...

    I love the first day of school, everyone is up early and ready on time :) Everyone goes to school smiling and comes home smiling :) It's just great!! I only have just under two weeks to go :)

    I'm glad they all had a good day. I'm glad you had a good day and didn't let Dave in on any secrets :)

  4. Emma said...

    It's a good thing that they had a good first day,and i hope they have a good 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and so on and so forth of days!=) i can't wait till school starts!!!=)