The Last of Summer

Payette Lake

I had a migraine, I really did but a Sunday drive turned into a micro-vacation to McCall, ID for a picnic lunch on the shores of Payette Lake. It was absolutely beautiful; the drive, the destination, and the return trip. Of course, an almost unhealthy dose of Excedrin helped – a lot.

The kids played in the sand. After missing Kalaloch this year, it was their another opportunity to build castle-forts and townships to later flood and destroy with god-like power. I interjected some gospel principles and mentioned the Old Testament story of Noah. One less lashing for skipping out on church.

Maddy Digging Closeup

Devin Rock

DJ pose

D.J. is such a poser lately. I think he watched a Captain Morgan’s Rum commercial, what do you think?


boys beach

Kids rock 1

We stopped at a park provided by the local Kawanis Club which was very nice. Just up from the beach were tables and play structures for the kids. I think they watched too much of the Olympics, Maddy raised her arms in the air after her dismounts and then turned to the side, beaming, cheesy smile included. The boys were no exception.

Maddy top of structure

Maddy playstructure

boys looking down 2

boys upsidedown3

Rightside up and upside down


  1. Connie said...

    That chick gets a 9.9 for that pose, chickadee!!! Ya know, I think I kinda shock Judy J. when I call her and call her a's what I call everyone usually.....or sweetpea....or gorgeous.......or sweet cheeks......or......???? But there are times when I just want to play hooky and take a ride and look at other parts of this valley so I know exactly what ya mean, honey. We're heading up to Grandjean - between Lowman and Stanley - this weekend to test out Love Bunny's new toy - the infamouse popup camper. Of course, I'll miss my bed, my blankie, my house, my computer, my fast food, my.....painting, no wait a minute, I'm taking the painting supplies with me to practice my also "infamous" roses....but I'll still miss the other "stuff and fluff"!!

  2. Connie said...

    Well, I meant to type "infamous" but it came out "infamouse" so I must have been thinking about my computer!! Hah.

  3. Emma said...

    Sounds like alot of fun!! Soo you did all of this on a sunday??? And missed out on church??? hmmmm... interesting.JK!=) Glad you guys had fun!!