Just Peachy

Peach Pretty

Yesterday the Relief Society got together and canned peaches from the church orchard. Twenty-some odd sisters blanched, peeled, sliced, poured and processed nearly seventy quart jars in three hours time. The Stake President wanted each family to can just one jar of peaches, to learn the process of canning and add to their food storage. “Everybody knows you can’t make just one jar of peaches.” Mission accomplished for those who attended.

If that wasn’t peachy enough, in the evening we took the Farmers back to the orchard to pick two bushels (about 90lbs) to can for our family. Even after thinning, the trees were loaded with fruit.

So guess what I’ll be doing Saturday? Canning isn’t so hard, especially with a large, three burner, gas camp stove and patio space to spread out on. Hosing off cement or moping the floor, counters and cabinets? Not a hard decision. Just remember, after you've been burnt several times, sliced a finger or two and you're brow is damp with sweat, they're bottled blessing.


  1. nevertheless said...

    Your jars look amazing. If you are ready to do freezer strawberry jam I am there. Tia wants me to teach her. We can always make a party of it. I can never make enough for my family.

  2. TammyP said...

    Wow, I'm sorry I missed it. That looked like fun!!!