For The Pits

Last night we packed the Focus and headed out to the church orchard to thin the peaches. We’ve picked and gleaned apples last fall but this was our first experience with the fruit.

The fuzzy green grenades were pluck from the loaded trees and “dropped” to the ground, sometimes hitting those below or oddly enough, next to. Newton had the whole apple-gravity thing down pat but he obviously didn’t sit beneath a peach tree.

There were shriveled pre-peaches, evil twin peaches (shout out to Christi) that needed to be put asunder and odd deformities, of which all were unceremoniously ripped from the tree for the greater good of all peaches and partakers alike. If only thinning the family tree were so easy! Just think how those reunions would be each summer without the Cousin Eddies we all know.

Farmer Devin likes to climb the ladders. Farmer D.J. wants to be like Farmer Devin and climb the ladder too without Mom or Dad acting as a nagging stunt cushion. Farmer Maddy, jealous of both Farmers Devin and D.J. climbed the ladder once or twice with Dad, making sure there were no slips, shifts, or anything remotely dangerous to avoid the perils of a fallen farmer.

The families that came to do their part kept the job fun. The Young Women and Young Men showed up to put their two cents in and livened up the place. But it was the S.A. ward that broke the relative silence like a sonic boom. Love, youth or something else was in the air.

Yeah, that’s me. I’m one hot momma. Really! I was sweat’n with the best of ‘em and looking absolutely peachy. Itchy, damp and smelling as nature intended, crossing all my stubby fingers and toes that a bee would not take a liking to me or feel the need to die and drag me down that dark tunnel with them.

Farmers farming more than just my sanity. I love the orchard.

Mucho Grande Gracias to Christi for the pictures. I was more than retarded and forgot to bring the camera.


  1. Lora Young said...

    You make it sound fun, but I am not sure I would want to go and get itchy. Two thumbs up for doing the right thing :)