Fantastic Fourth!

This years’ Fourth of July was celebrated with all the proper elements befitting a summer holiday; water and fire. Dave and Devin started the day off by donning their scout uniforms and posting flags around the neighborhood. I love to see the red, white, and blue of our country’s flag line the streets, unfurled and weightless against the jet black asphalt. I’m filled with a great sense of pride and respect for this great nation.

After some minor set backs, including a dead boat battery off and on the water (after flagging down a fellow sailor for a jump, we realized that our boat was in gear and this good Samaritan was wasting his time), it was time to hit the waves. This year we took our friends the E's and had a great time.

“It’s alright, just hang on.” Gage’s first time out on the kneeboard.

Another first; D.J.‘s not so sure he really wants to wakeboard after all. We almost got him up, I’d say he was, but wiped out seconds later. Next time he’ll get it.

Dev, Madison, and D.J. taking a break after mastering the beast. I was told that they were singing ‘Juice Box Hero – with straw in his eyes’ the entire time Madison, Gage and Devin were being bounced from wave to wave. Too much of either Foreigner or Capri Suns I think.

Oh, don’t you just wanna make a picture worth a thousand blackmails? Like one with hearts and cupids, something that says ‘special’ friends and reeks of young love?

Oops! Where did that come from? Shame on Photoshop… shame, shame.

Once off the water, our friends were kind enough to have us and another family - the B's - over for a B.B.Q. Hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, salads, and desserts. All of it delicious and hit the spot.

(Notice the happy couple?)

Geez, cut that out! Their only friends for crying out loud!

Who’s writing this thing anyway, they need to be fired!

By eight that night the dishes were cleaned up, kids washed up and the flags picked up so we could embark on our final destination - the thriving metropolis of Melba, Idaho. Each year they start they day off with a 7 a.m. half marathon, various antique exhibits, a parade, and vendor displays then finish off the night with a pyrotechnic display worthy of a much larger city.

Here's the crew, watching a pre-show brought to us by our friend's the B's. A big thanks go out to our other friends, we'll call them the P's, for claiming an excellent spot to view the show. It takes a great family to let another, oh - three families crash their shindig.

DJ Maddy Smoke

Does smoke follow age or beauty?


  1. Lora Young said...

    I'm jealous that the E's, B's and P's got to spend the fourth with you. I miss you guys!!!

    Looks like you had a blast. We were going to go to Rockaway but the weather was cold and windy and they were forcasting rain, so we didn't go :( Instead we went to Hancock and then we decided to see Walle, a little boring but it works. We bbqed steak and then we went to the fireworks in Banks later. I should have just posted this whole story on my blog :)

    I'm glad Devin has found a new ummmmm friend :) Tayler didn't know what to think about it :) DJ is still saving himself for Emma right ;)

  2. Lora Young said...

    ooooooooooo Devin's got himself a girlfriend, hubba hubba hubba