Ain’ No Mountain High Enough!

Taking a break (Midway View)

As soon as the tent pegs were pushed into place and the sleeping bags rolled out, Dave proclaimed that it was time for a family hike.

Behind our tent was a small trail heading up the hillside and the boys all agreed that the overgrown dirt path looked 'fun'.

So we set off, Maddy and D.J. in Croc knock-offs of all things and Devin’s foot attire wasn’t much better; at least there were Velcro straps to keep his sandals on.

The switchbacks were riddled with washouts, fallen trees and huge piles of jumbo chocolate jelly beans otherwise known as deer poop. The higher we climbed the steeper it got. The damp, compacted dirt trail that we started on became wide and sandy stretches laced with bare pine roots, patches of sage brush and rock faces. Maddy and D.J. were rendered helpless; no traction whatsoever. I held, pushed Maddy ahead of me by the waistband of her dirty pink jeans and at times boosted her up as she climbed an exposed root. David and D.J. didn't fair much better.

Finally, after much murmurings and lost hope, we made it. The Farmers were proud of their accomplishment and retold the more harrowing parts of the climb and how they 'almost didn't make it'. We had to keep reminding them that going down wasn't going to be as easy as they thought and that if they ran or rolled a la Princess Bride, they'd impale themselves on a branch or hit a tree... emphasizing the possibility of getting hurt really bad or dying. Unfortunately, the effect worked a little too good for Maddy who suddenly feared for her life, "I don't want to die today, Daddy." Talk about feeling like the worse parents in the world.

Our view at the top was cut short when I found a tick crawling up my arm. I just love blood-sucking bugs, especially when they've staked me out as an afternoon snack. So Maddy wouldn't die, we utilized our backsides and did our own version of the Alpine Slide. Of course, the Farmers thought it was the coolest part of the hike. We all fell a couple of times; bad enough to bleed for D.J. and Dad. Maddy caught a rebar stake in the shin, Devin a stick to the toes and Mom embraced her greener side and hugged a tree to keep from falling on D.J. who had crashed seconds before.

Sadly those who remained at camp suffered the horror of witnessing our dirty, sweaty return. It was not pretty in the least and after finding another tick in Maddy's hair, it was time to hit the showers for the good of everyone around. Once the soap had washed away the proof of our adventure, I was proud of my Farmers for not giving up.

Alpine Slide

Hike Height


  1. Bronco P3t3 said...

    Fun times at Camp Glenwood. Looks like you guys had fun on your hike.

  2. Lora Young said...

    I think I have had a few of those cling to tree hiking moments :) It looks like you had some fun though :) Just stay away from the stinging nettle!! One time I was falling and I grabbed for anything I could find, and it happened to be nettle and it hurt like crazy!!