Creature Comforts

Something to snuggle, something to cuddle and something to tell all your secrets to. Mops up tears, cover ears and eases all those childhood fears.

Devin never really had a favorite animal or one that he absolutely needed every night before he would fall asleep. D.J. and Maddy are an entirely different story.

For the love of dogs, D.J. has about fifty of them in his room of all different breeds and sizes. His most favorite is Ruffy, a Black Lab that Santa brought him years ago. Since then, his litter has been growing exponentially. Next in line is Butterscotch the Basset Hound – lazily lying on his master’s chest. Jack, a life-sized Old English Sheepdog, serves as a pillow most nights or a comfy backrest while playing video games or watching a movie. Fred, Sally, and Rupert ( left to right ) round out the top row and all have gained a place of honor on his bed.

Maddy has simpler tastes. From the moment she laid eyes on Crystal, the two have not been apart. I tried explaining to her that Crystal was really from the Disney movie the AristoCats and most likely had a name of her own. “No, this is Crystal, Mommy.” She’s been on trips, has tried to sneak into church once or twice and time away at the "cleaners" is almost too much for Maddy to bear.

I have to have pictures like these of my Farmers to remind me that they are good, sweet, and angelic gifts from Heavenly Father despite giving me gray hair and outward symptoms mirroring those of Tourettes.



  1. Jackie said...

    They are both so cute! I don't remember having a comfort animal when i was younger. Oh and no i am not a lifguard. I got the shirt at girls camp because that was my cabin name.

  2. Barney Family Blog said...

    That is so sweet. What cute kiddos!
    Sydney and Layton both like to have something to sleep with. sydney is usually a tattered bear or a pink poodle. Layton's is whatever object he has had in tight grips all day long and can't bear to seperate.
    Your 4th looked like a blast. I must admitt I am totally jealous. Tyler and I both love boating! Looks like you guys had fun!
    PS Love the pic of the two love birds! I bet Devin just loves that you posted that!!

  3. young family said...

    I thought you told me I was winning in the old woman gray hair area :) I definitely don't have tourettes though =) At least I don't think I have it, maybe I do have it, No I don't have it. Have what?!!!!! :)

    I have my own set of problems. I don't have my children carting things around with them any more but they did when they were little, Hope lined up her dolls every day for nap time and bed time. Now that I think about it I think she is the only one.

    Your kids are so sweet Stacey, I really miss them. Dang life throwing things like jobs and things in our way :)