Boys Will Be Boys

DJ BowDJ StiltsDJ BB Gun

Every boy at some time or another has fashioned their own bow and arrows from sticks and twigs all the while imagining to shoot an apple off their snot-nose, little sister's head. In their minds, it's a win-win situation. Knock the apple off because you're that good or poke your sibling with a sharp stick being fully protected under the 'we were playing' clause from too much parental wrath. Of course, the "what were you thinking" line of questioning can be brutal at times but well worth it if sis isn't bleeding too bad or missing an eyeball.

Stilts give smaller boys a taste of what life is like to be taller. A lot taller and therefore instantly blessed with authority. "I'm taller than you, Mom! Now you have to do what I say." Its no wonder these words are thrown back to parents when after being bombarded with the "why can't I's" our response is either a) because I'm older or b) because I'm bigger than you. Honestly, I fear the day when he really is taller than me and when he really is old enough not to need me anymore.

Guns. What more can I say. Pump/bolt action Grizzlies. Locked, loaded and in the hands of eight year olds. It's a miracle I got this shot with out getting shot myself. "You'll shoot you're eye out!"

Today was D.J.'s very first day of Cub Scout Day Camp. I learned a few good knots to keep those apron strings tight while letting them loose at the same time.


  1. Lora Young said...

    I really love the way you write, you are amazing.

    I hope your knots are tight enough, I should learn how to tie knots from you :)

    I can't believe how old our kids are getting :( DJ looks so cute shooting things :) Yay for scout camps.