Continuing On Through The Great Beyond

At the Waters Edge

Like all epic journeys, this one begins with your average, everyday character in an ordinary place and during a time of no real great importance.

There will be ups and downs, lefts and rights, with twists and turns that are wholly expected and yet altogether surprising moments of organized chaos.

I have never written a blog before or for that matter, read one. Thanks to Lora, I've set out to do the seemingly impossible- keep in touch. At this point I have no idea what could be so special about mundane life to write about, why anyone in their right-mind would want to read it and my ability to string together more than three words in one, comprehensible sentence. And with that, my first post, I'm off into the Great Beyond.

A year has gone by since I published my first post and despite feeling completely inadequate to make your time worth reading my mindless scribbling's, I’ve come to the realize what a blessing, if you can call it that, Chronicles has been. Those days when I truly believe that I’ve done nothing worthwhile, when days blur into months without any real accomplishment or specific instance, I can look back and say, “Yeah, I remember...”

I suppose that had I actually kept a family journal, this would be a moot point. It is arguable, however, that a blog does not and should not replace writing intimate details of your life the old fashioned way by your own hand in ink and paper, but it is a start. In a generic and filtered sort of way, this has been my life for the past twelve months and sharing it with my friends and those who’ve happened upon it by coincidence, has not only connected them with me but me with the rest of the world.

I am not alone in my joys or struggles of being a wife and mother or striving to live righteously and serving others when I can. That kids will be kids and that life happens when you least expect it. That nurturing mothers and strong families, though sometimes looked down upon as an archaic notion seeped in "mythical” doctrines of religion, can and are making a difference however insignificant the progressive world has made us believe.

  • The greatest word that could ever be inscribed on a headstone would be that of “Mother” and yet the world would not be able to comprehend Her greatness.

So thank you for spending a little time with me, your comments have often made a good day better and the bad ones sting a little less. Thank you for sharing your lives and inspiring me to be better, to be kinder, to be a little more compassionate. To laugh at the little things, sometimes the big things too, giving me strength and encouragement through your own.

Oh, I apologize for the soapbox moment. I suppose I’m allowed one or two now that then! lol


  1. TammyP said...

    I love reading your 'scribbles'. You are truly a gem with your everyday happenings. Your love for your home and family is refreshing. I'm sure if you go back through my comments I have said many times before that I love your way with words. One day I will have to get your hubby to spill more beans about your other writings;-)!!!

  2. young family said...

    I am soooo glad you have a blog, it makes it so you only feel 15 or 20 minutes away instead of those blasted 7 hours :)

    I of course love your writings and I knew you had it in you to make an awesome tribute to your family, I wish I had a tiny itsy bit of your writing talent, but alas I don't so you have to read my boring life written by a boring person :) I still love my blog though, even minus the talent. I am going to have mine printed (better this than the little I hand write). Have you ever checked out I think that is the site?