A Conversation With Myself

Stacey Phone Room

“Oh my gosh! You can’t be like, serious!”…..“I mean like, is that even possible? It’s like totally impossible, like for sure!”…..“That’s SO old and crusty - how gross is that?”……“Like, I so knew this would happen, like it was only a matter of time.”….. “You’re not like, grey or anything like that, like you’re not a saggy and wrinkled grandma, right?” …..“I’m totally bummed, like this sucks.”…. “Happy Birthday I guess, it’s totally uncool though.”

Unfortunately, it’s true. Another year older and my eighteen year old self is like, 'grossed out to the max'. I’m surprised she didn’t ralf when I told her how old we’re getting. Thirty-four when you’re a teenager is near retirement and that much closer to diapers and death. In her mind, life is over. On the other hand, she has so much to learn and so much yet to live through. I’m amazed she made the choices she did and got me to where I am today. Maybe its a good thing you don’t know the path ahead; you might not choose to the right one again knowing how difficult it would be.

Look at me… on second thought, don’t look at me!

Pink bows and froufrou florals with pastel pink walls– what was I ever thinking? Wish I had my bedroom set for Miss Is though, it was the ultimate in girly, 1970’s bedroom furniture.

White stretch leggings, my favorite oversize Wiz of Oz print t-shirt and BIG hair.

Corded, slim-line phone and a portable t.v. on the nightstand that I tuned in to watch Star Trek TNG on KCPQ-13 Seattle/Tacoma. (Hey! My mother is a Trekkie… wha’da ya want.)

My trusty notepad full of nonsense that I can’t remember what about, the little green frog I bought at a thrift store and still have to this very day and a picture of my homecoming date and I taken in the driveway before the dance.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast had just been released in theaters; I got Beast and Chip from buying cheeseburger Happy Meals at the new Micky D’s across the street from the schools stadium.

I burned my fingers while reaching up to turn the lamp off one night. I suppose that happens when you blindly reach up for it and I think that’s a dirty clothes pile in the corner, but I won’t fess up to it.

Raise your can of diet coke or whatever it is you have handy and join me in a solemn birthday toast, “To my lost youth and an intrusive, shutter-bug of a Dad; thanks for the memories.”


  1. young family said...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I even remembered, aren't you glad it isn't 4 years ago when you were sweating away in Hope's room painting the coolest design on her walls.

    I really don't think you should call 34 old :) I can't even say my age or my soon to be age without cringing :) So be happy next to me you are still a baby :)

    Are you guys having a party today, or are you saving it for another day? I hope everyone remembered ;)
    Have a great day, I miss ya!!

  2. Jackie said...

    happy birthday! lol and you are not old! but i do love the picture, i always have to laugh when i see the hairstyles that people wore!

  3. Emma said...

    LOVE the hair.lol. I think i should say this because it is something you are wrong about YOU ARE NOT OLD!!!! And
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY STACEY!!!! I'll say it for my mom then....36.
    What did you do for your fabulous day?

  4. Barney Family Blog said...

    Happy Birthday!!! I love the pic. You look the same except for the hair style! You haven't aged a bit.