The Black Spot

The Cub Scout Regatta was held last night and D.J.’s ship The Black Spot, blew in to a victory. Listening for instructions, D.J. and Conner waited at the start.

DJ Racing

D.J. won the first race, his second and third outings sailed into some rough waters, though each was lost only by a slim margin.

DJ Winning Race

It was a photo-finish for The Black Spot. D.J. named his ship after watching Disney’s Treasure Island on Sunday. Doomed pirates would receive a piece of paper with a large, black spot on the front and the time or instance would be scrawled on the back. Death was coming for them.

DJ Boat

It was a fun night, D.J. enjoyed himself and cheering on the other boys.


  1. TammyP said...

    That was a fun night! I had never been to a Regatta. Looks like Mitch started a tradition!