Twin Falls Temple Trip

Way back in mid-July, Devin went with the Young Men and Young Women to the Twin Falls Temple open house. I had heard about his adventures but only now have pictures to post. Sure, I could have wrote something boring and very pedestrian, however, they would fall tremendously short of what really happened. Like packing your dad’s dress shirt instead of your own, it isn't nearly as funny as this picture.


It’s only slightly too big in around the middle, across the shoulder, around his neck and a tad long in the arms. Chalk this one up to pre-teen packing without mom to help him along. I asked at least a dozen times if he had everything and was consistently met with, “I got it, Mom.” Yeah, he ‘got it’ all right!


The bus left the church parking lot at 6:00 am and from there they traveled to “um, this place with hot springs and pools” where he sliced his knee open showing off for the rest of the crew while jumping from the high dive. My baby went off the high dive? “I got it, Mom.” Yeah, he ‘got it’ all right.

Next stop, Shoshone Falls. Absolutely gorgeous. No high diving here, thank goodness.

If the Falls weren’t beautiful enough, the Temple open house would be the cherry on top. His favorite rooms were the Celestial room and the endowment room with the mural of the falls had just visited.

“It was a great experience and I wish I could go again.” That’s what every mother dreams of hearing from their children.


(Devin and Bishop, Twin Falls Temple)

When I asked how things went, if he understood the importance of what he has seen and how he felt, if he realized the symbolism and the sacredness of Heavenly Fathers plan, he replied, “I got it, Mom.” Yeah, I hope he ‘got it’.

*Special Thanks to Nate for the pictures!*


  1. young family said...

    Boy have I ever heard that a lot, "I got it Mom" :) Good thing someone had a camera so you could see how totally he got it :)

    I heard that the temple is beautiful of course.

    I had no idea shoshone falls looked that cool, I will have to make that a stop sometime.

  2. mandbrid said...

    so cute! I love that pic of him and bishop...

  3. Hope said...

    Too funny! Love the shirt Devin! :) Looks like you had fun!
    And those falls are AMAZING!!

  4. TammyP said...

    That is PRICELESS!!! Whoever made it 'fit' did a great job. The picture of it not fitting is so funny. I couldn't stop giggling when I saw it.....

  5. Anonymous said...

    Despite the fact his shirt was 4X as large as he normally wears and the sleeves were rolled to the size of water wings, it didn't deter the spirit and his feelings while attending the open house in Twin Falls. Devin took it in stride and was a trooper but I couldn't help laughing inside for what seemed to be a very long time!It will be a memory he won't forget 'cuz mom won't let him!

    The pic with Bishop Bailey is a classic!

  6. Connie said...

    Staceyyyyyyy, my little chickadee, can I steal that pix of bishop?!?! He's such a sweetheart and I'd like to post it on my blog, honey.

    Ooooooo, the boys are lookin' good with those "man" haircuts. I love a shorn man.....

    Thanks for stopping by, sweetpea...I'll check back with ya often for the chronicles! LOl