LPT 2008

Weeks in the making; hundreds of emails, phone calls and evening drop-offs LPT became official and four families shoved off for a three day "tour" to rough it, sort of.

The P’s

The E’s

The W’s

The G’s

Four ferrying trips later, we had all the gear shuttled across Lucky Peak to our campsite, Dock 22. Up a short flight of rustic stairs there was plenty of room to accommodate four tents, a picnic table with awning and a quick jaunt up the hillside for all of our potty needs.

Kids Fishing on Dock in the Morning


When the last of the lot was unloaded it was mid-afternoon and time for a swim, one of my most favorite parts of the whole trip. The water was refreshing after the initial shock; cold and for the most part clear but it beat the summer heat. After all, we're air conditioned creatures.

Tubing, wakeboarding, knee boarding... it's all good.



Until somebody gets hurt - but we keep on going anyway.

Dave Nose

Maddy Ouch 2 Maddy Ouch

There was fishing too. The big boys were skunked on their nightly trips, good thing us girls weren't relying on their rod and reel prowess.

Going Fish'n

The kids were busy catching crawdads - even the older ones.

Kids FishingCrawdad Fish'n

Madison Crawdad Fish'n

Success! Now we only need 99 more for a meal.

Madison Crawdad

Most of our time was spent lounging around.

Kaiya & Reece

Or eating really, really good food. Each family had a meal to prepare and it worked out great.

Friday Lunch

Girl S from the P family celebrated her 6th birthday with us. Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Selah Birthday

Believe me, if you ever wanted to know 'Where the Wild Things Are' look no further. Their conversations ran the gamut of everything that boys are made of; like farts, belching, vomit and movies Mom and Dad won't let them see for one stupid reason or another. "Too much blood an guts they say... "

Boys Eating

And now were back to splashing around again.

Tia & Kids Tube

Casey Dock

And more fishing...

Devin Fishing

Caden Fishing

Reese Fishing

Maddy Fishing

DJ & Gage

Oh! Is that a bite?

Cayson 2


DJ Fish

And another one!

Devin Fish

The boys caught a few bass, though they were too tiny to do anything with. A sucker and a squaw trash-fish we ended up eating. Okay, only a few of us dared to eat it.

Everyone had a smile on their faces...

Gabe & Selah

...or almost a smile.

Cayson Tube

New friendships were made.

Reece Kaiya

Familiar ones grew.

Hey, are they holding hands!!! (I'm only kidding you two!)

For the record, they're catching grasshoppers.

Catching Grasshoppers 2

And then it was time to pack up and dangle our toes one last time.

Madison Dock 2

To enjoy the closing moments of summer vacation.

Tia Dock 2

Wishing that we were a child again, when summers seemed to go on forever.

Kaiya Dock Edge

And then we said good-bye.

Empty Dock

But there's always next year!!!

Tammy Flower

LPT was the first camping trip we've gone on with friends besides ward camp-outs. It was so much fun that plans are in the works for next year. Late night "educational" chats, dips in the lake and a small cheering section when I finally caught some "big" air on the wakeboard!

Twisted Brethren RULE!!! "I need more cowbell!"



  1. TammyP said...

    HECK YAH!!! NEXT YEAR BABY!!!! That was an awesome trip! Thanks for taking so many great pictures.....I'm still kicking myself. Forgiveness might be slow for that singlet you posted of me, YUCK!!! Just kidding..... We had a blast! Thanks for everything!!

  2. Barney Family Blog said...

    Looks like fun! Again you are forcing me to feel envious of your boat!! One day!!

  3. young family said...

    So is it ok to say that I am jealous of the P,E,&W's? Maybe Envious should be thrown in there also :)

    I am glad you had fun, it does look like the perfect spot. Were you guys the only ones on the little island? Very cool.

    So do you guys pass each other in the hall and whisper "Twisted Brethren", for your code to meet out in the parking lot or something? :) Totally JK!!

    Once again the little green jealousy monster is rearing it's ugly head. I am going to work on that. I can beat this jealousy thing, I know I can :)