A Few Shoes Too Many?


Friday was David’s birthday; he’s an distinguished man now, mature and refined in the ways of proper societal behavior, exuding wisdom with every gray hair yet to appear on his head. “Whatever, Dave.”

To celebrate, we rocked the house with a few guest performers. There were four bands; The Guys, The Dolls, The Dudes and The Chic’s. Sixteen rockers in all plus the multiple offspring of said rockers equals a whole-lott’a shoes at the door! It was awesome and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Twisted Brethren provided special grub for the birthday boy. FIVE pies from scratch, four apple and a pumpkin with icecream and something to eat it with so the horde of rockers didn’t have to use their fingers or break all of my expensive, antique china - as if I owned any! A big, BIG THANKS to everyone!



Happy Birthday!


  1. ...for all eternity. said...

    HI, I'm blog hopping over from Raspberry Kisses! Looks like you guys rocked the house! How fun. I love all your photo!