What’s It To You?

Phoenix Rising

What the heck is that? Okay, so I know what it is in the boring, technical sense. It’s the moon rising, of course. I took this picture last night out on the back patio. No Photoshop other than to crop out the rest of the blackness.

I though we could play a little naming game. You know, the kind we used to play as kids, making hippopotami out of bulging cumulus clouds or a bizillion bunnies made of altocumulus formations.

I already have my guess… let’s see what you got.


  1. young family said...

    I see a dragon blowing a fire ball out of it's mouth.

    Cool picture.

  2. young family said...

    Jackie and George say its the ET oouuchhh finger touch.

  3. Stacey said...

    Oh yeah... I can totally see that. Would have never thought of it. Good one!

    I like the dragon too... along the lines what I was thinking.