Get Crafty

It’s the Super-Saturday time of year again, only it’s Tuesday evening three weeks from now. I’ve come up with a few homey things for the sisters to do if I can survive the project demos.

First on the list, a cheap twist on the F.H.E. board and a message board.


Paint. Not the whole thing but just the sides and the edges.


Goop your metal into place.


Just eyeball it. Okay, it’s actually 2 1/2 cm on all sides.


Get jiggy. Find a fun 12 x 12 scrapbook paper and a can of adhesive. Don’t worry about the skull and crossbones, use it like a can of Rave and stick it to the metal.


Glued to Go.

Then I kidnapped a family used them as guinea pigs, printed what pictures turned out in black and white. Bought a bunch of magic stones (glass pebbles) and slapped on random words my printer tossed out like Song, Prayer, Lesson etc. etc. Next I painted the equally random letters of F, H, and E then took another hit off the goop, applying them willy-nilly to the side. If that wasn’t enough, I eased the edge off by sanding and tied the whole thing up in a big, black bow. Do I have photos showing all these steps? Nope, too busy trying to be “crafty and trendy” all at the same time. But the end result is this.

Evans FHE Board 2

I followed the basic steps over again, switched it up a bit and now I have a message board.

Memo Board

It’s crooked I know, but no matter how much I nudge the thing on my monitor, it just won’t move. This time the glass stones say Live, Laugh, Love printed on red paper, framed and tied in dark chocolate and a groovy, botanical paper backing. Less crafty but it works since my fridge doesn’t do magnets.

Next up is a recipe holder for those pesky 3 x 5 cards.

Recipes Board 2

Distressed black, boring beige vinyl. I did frouf it up a bit with some Dollar Store flowers. The smaller two are magnets and the stems/main flower are just for looks cause it needed something else and I was too tired to think of what that else could be. I’m trying to Live Beautifully here in my own “special” way.

Now for the kicker. I don’t think I’ll be offering this as a class, but thought I’d mention my day long exercise in artistic patience.


Not quite the Mona Lisa, more like the Mad Maddy. What your looking at is a 11 x 14” canvas that has had a black and white print of Maddy E. decoupage print side down. At this point, the glue has dried and we’ve rubbed off multiple layers of paper with our fingertips and a spray bottle of water. It doesn’t look like much now but it is promising in a very antiquated sort of way. Don’t worry E’s, this is one of many, many renditions. If all goes well – or doesn’t for that matter – I’ll show the results as either a great accomplishment or a great example of what not to do.

Super-de-duper Tuesday is on the way.


  1. Connie said...

    Well, Maddy looks cute in that "vintage" looking photo, sweetpea.

    Oh, what did you use for the "bottom" part of that recipe holder??? I'd like to do one, but in "PINK", of course! I'm always having to hold my cards and getting food all over them! Yikes..........


  2. TammyP said...


  3. nevertheless said...

    Well you have sold me. Not sure what I will send to the sacrificial craft gods yet (not crafty, but LOVE to participate and try new things), but I am excited to check-out the table this Sunday.