Not Worth The Paper Its Printed On


Unable to sleep due to an aching back, I cracked open my laptop somewhere around 1:00 am and started venting about a local "hot topic" concerning a couple of particularly adult books in our library and the Boards decision to rescind its prior ruling. Whether it was the lack of sleep that swayed my common sense or pure orneriness, I sent it off as a Letter to the Editor. Later that morning, I received an email stating that my name would be used and that my article would be published. And so it was, the very next day, Patriots Day.

For better or worse, I think I'm okay with it. Sticking your nose in the ridiculous business of recycling pros and con's is a whole lot different than sticking it into the cause of a national union of sorts that is known for having the saccharine, yet vicious tenacity of a rabid Ol'Yeller. Good but mostly not. Anyway... I'm not sure that its worth the paper it was printed on, but there you have it, one of the many hair-brained things I did last week during blog-post limbo.


  1. TammyP said...

    ok, you have my ears perked?!?!? Usually we notice Letters to the Editor that we know?!?! But IPT does have a weird layout on that page, so we have missed a few sometimes.

  2. Connie said...

    Since we don't get ANY paper or don't watch ANY television, print in on here for me to see, chickee! I'm all for upsetting the status quo when it comes to children! I'm like a rabid dog......won't let go till someone pulls me from it! Hah.....