My Tower of Babel

Peach Pretty

Peaches. Lots and lots of peaches. The girls and I got together and canned peaches, peach pie filling and freezer jam. Six hours one day, ten hours, and six hours another. I've burnt myself, sliced my fingers, and "Oh fart, I'm on fire."

Helping everyone out has been a blast. It's so much better to can with friends than can all by yourself. If doing what our Stake President asks will get me into heaven, then I've been building my own peach jar Tower of Babel. Unfortunately for me, I'm standing in a bit of a ditch - more like a wide, vast abyss if you know what I mean - so I'm probably somewhere around even with the rest of the good people of the earth thanks to my precarious, peachy perch.

I happen to find a water bath, a nine jar tankard with rack, at Savers in Boise for seven clamshells. So now I don't have to beg, borrow and plead to get my hands on one!


  1. Connie said...

    I had one!!!! You should have let me know cuz I ain't using it ever again!!! I also have a pressure cooker I'll probably put on craigslist soon if hubs can get up in the "attic" and find it when it cools down a bit.....right after he does the painting the front door frame, the cleaning of the camper, the pulling of weeds in front "garden", the back yard fixin' up, the stones around the backyard "garden" and the pulling out of the tree stump from the tree he cut down last week!! Aaaaah, sweet chick, the man has sooooo much time on his hands, it's pathetic!! LOL

  2. Jackie said...

    sounds like you guys are overwhelmed with peaches! My grandparents came up and they brought a whole bunch of peaches with them. So far i have made 2 peach cobblers!

  3. Connie said...

    Ya know, my little chick, men never ever notice when the house has been "cleaned"; they only notice if something is lying in their path and assume the "manly position" that the house hasn't BEEN cleaned! Dust doesn't show in photos either!! You truly have to trust me on this one. If the bed is made and dishes are done the house can look "clean"!! Give up on them ever understanding what we do all day long. Just look frazzled when they walk in the door at night and tell them "LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MY DAAAAAAAAY!!!!!" Gets um every time!! LOL I soooooo love men!!!! I truly do!!!!!!!

  4. young family said...

    As if you need a tower of Babel :)

    I agree with you that canning with someone is way better. It's hard to get together for it though, so good job on finding someone to do it with three days in a row.

    Did you really catch on fire! Yikes!

  5. mandbrid said...

    So the peaches followed me to Boise and I've been working hard to get them all taken care of. I don't have it in me to can this year so I blanched them (new for me) and sliced them and froze them. I also make peach crisp, peach smoothies and peach pie (another first for me). I'm all peached out!