Treasure Hunt Tuesdays

This last weeks theme for Treasure Hunt Tuesdays was Buildings. Great!!! I love architecture in almost all forms. Not a big fan of modern, but I’ve grown to like certain aspects of hard, clean lines heavily based in geometric design.

I needed to go to the post office to mail off a batch of Netflix movies and remembering the classic, neo-Grecian columns and pediments of the downtown building facade, I made sure to grab the camera.

It felt a little weird, standing on the sidewalk snapping pictures while cars zoomed by and patrons went about their business after giving me a sideways glance complete with arched eyebrows and wrinkled noses. I tried to be fast. I’m not a terrorist, I’m not terrorist…

Postoffice Columns 1

Post Office Moulding

Don’t know how I lucked out. This section of crown is at the very top of the building. I’m constantly impressed with how much detail came out in the egg and darts, fluting and the Anthacus leaves. Can I just say I love zoom!

Postoffice Window

After feeling like a big dork, I figured I might as well make a day of it and traveled a few blocks northeast to the train depot. I had seen it once before last summer when we took the Farmers to the Farmers’ Market. No, it wasn’t to buy, sell, or trade farmers – darn it.

Maddy needed to use the potty, so we ventured inside where a nice, elderly man was eager to give us the tour. Is, the camera and I were the only people there and he needed something to do. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my purse on me and couldn’t pay the $4.o0 museum fee for the tour, but chatted with him for a few minutes anyhow. DSCF0009

The depot was built in 1906 by Northern Pacific, closed and renovated in 1925 to become office space for Union Pacific. The original ticket counter, right, was found in the basement relatively intact. The moldings, wainscoting, and hardware give the building a very nostalgic, decadent feel; when things were done not only for functionality but craftsmanship and pride. See, Treasure Hunt Tuesdays can be educational too.

TrainDepot BlkWhite

Train Depot Upper Window

Train Depot Lion

Is and I then hit the pavement around old town and snapped what looked interesting, the horse sculpture on the entire side of a building was her idea.


Then we found an alley with a wrought iron gate. Very cool, especially in black and white.

Alley Gate

Alley Gate Tunnel

Old Town Sidewalk


  1. ...for all eternity. said...

    THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL! About feeling like a dork, been there. Imagine me standing in someones front yard to take a picture then having them come out with their hands on their hips, me jumping in my car to get away and then going the wrong way on a dead end so then have to drive back by them! But hey, I got a beautiful shot of a bench with grapevines growing around it!!

  2. nevertheless said...

    It is amazing to me how much beauty we have just around the corner her at home. You found some awesome pics!

  3. mandbrid said...

    Love the pictures! You've inspired me...