Our BIGGEST April Fools!

(A few hours old, Devin meets his brother. )

April Fools day will never be the same and no one - NO ONE - will ever pull a fast one on me like D.J. After too many ultrasounds to count, each ending with the doctor rolling his eyes and confirming yet again that it's still a girl, D.J. was born a month early on April Fools day. And yes, he's 100% slugs, snails, and puppy dog tails; a boy through and through.

("I Bounc-ding!" Newberg, OR 2002)

He's a barn stormer that D.J., even from the get-go. One of his favorite things to do was hop up and down the hall, around the kitchen wall and back again non-stop. Needless to say, he was over-joyed later that month when we bought the boys a trampoline for their birthdays.

(Garibaldi Bay, OR 2004)

D.J. has never been afraid of gooey-gross things (he's a boy... I shouldn't be surprised) and has always had an inquisitive mind. We took home so many shells that trip and by the time we returned home I was beginning to doubt the stench would ever clear out of my car no matter how many Little Trees were hanging from the rear-view mirror.

(Forest Grove, OR 2006)

D.J. is as D.J. does, one of my favorite pictures of him. We just finished posing for a bunch of 'serious' family pictures taken by our friend and photographer, Quillan when D.J. popped up out out of the creek just as she was packing up her car to leave. Of all of the 200+ pictures she snapped that day, this captures who D.J. really is. How could you not adore him?

Happy Birthday D.J. !!! We LOVE you!!!


  1. TammyP said...

    Happy Birthday D.J.!!! You are now a Wolf! YIPPEE!! Stacey, you look 15 in that pix.....Granted you only look 18 now, but you look SUPER YOUNG!!! And that is not an April Fools......

  2. Forever Young said...

    Man I missed it by one day!!! Happy Birthday!!!

    I know the initial shock was a bit much but what a cute boy!! I love every one of the pictures and the bounding video. What a handsome young man.

    I agree with tammy, you look way young. Isn't it nice to look back and see we really were at one point. What am I saying, you still are way young:)

  3. Stacey said...

    Young... yeah, I used to be that! Oh, how sad it is to be 'older'. I suppose I should look more towards the wiser adage but I know that's a good laugh when referring it to me! Thanks for the kudos, girls!