I'm in Luv with Craig...

... Craigslist that is.

As our ever-dwindling countdown ticks on and inside projects are completed (or nearly just) the yard has been left simpering in the cold; mangy and starved for attention. Now that spring is nipping at our backsides, not to mention the in laws, the thought of 'needed' landscaping projects came crashing down like a ton of rock.

Yes, we need rock.

Tons and tons of rock. Big rocks, little rocks, holey and lichen covered rocks. Sure, rocks in landscaping look natural and such but handing over moola for them is either for the idiots or brainwashed children eager to own one as a 'pet'.

Luckily, Craig has been there for me, keeping me with my money. I found a listing for free rock near the river and all we have to do is pick it up. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we will be hauling rock, oodles of rock.

And as an added bonus, Craig connected me with two yards of nearby bark. The Farmers and I, armed with shovels, tarp, and trailer brought it home. It was enough to cover all the front landscaping and Maple Hill in the back - all for free!

As we were driving home with the bark in tow, Devin asked, "Where's my mom and what have you done with her? This isn't like you. You're happy about bark." (I was ha-ha-ing a la Nelson at all of the empty trailers as they went by.) It wasn't until we passed a landscaping supply store two days later that he understood my giddiness. "$48.00 a yard? Mom, you just saved us a HUNDRED dollars!"

I luv Craig!


  1. Forever Young said...

    That is so funny, I am glad you clarified. I was a little concerned about your marriage :)

    You are just like my sister, you find awesome deals everywhere. I on the other hand have the bad bad habit of buying high and selling low :(

    I don't envy the rock moving and such though. That sounds labor intensive and I am just to lazy for any of that :) It will look awesome when you are all done though.

  2. TammyP said...

    I love Craig too!!! There are always deals to find!!! Just be careful, there are a lot of freaks out there just waiting to find a pretty gal to take advantage of. Always take your burly husband along for your adventures. I love reading your blog! You have such a way with words!