The Unhappy Happy Easter

(Maddy's Mad)

Easter crept up on us this year. I knew it was coming but with all the other 'stuff ' I had going on, it was here before I could catch my breath. Nine eggs were dyed that morning and hidden in the Great room hap-hazardly; the sooner the hunt was over the better. A last minute hop to the Dollar Tree Saturday night filled in the rest; bubbles, Peeps, etc.

Maddy was upset (as if you couldn't tell from the picture) about her hair, her dress, her shoes, her nails and the fact that Daddy took her strawberry Bubblicious away. Pictures were F-U-N!

Instead of remembering the real reason of Easter, we were all rather grumbly, forgetful (three trips back to the house during church) and more than happy to change into comfy clothes and dive into the lasagna baking in the oven when it was all through. F.H.E. was ditched for family calls (Grandma's like to talk) and two hours later it was nearly time for bed.

All was not lost in the end when the family had an impromptu discussion about the Savior, His Resurrection, and an Atonement explanation for five year old's. Granted, it was over in five minutes time but given the 'mood' of the day it was an accomplishment.

Hope your Easter was great!


  1. Forever Young said...

    I love the pictures, my kids got a laugh out of Maddies unhappy face :) She looks darling, of course. I love the dress, hair and shoes, she is a lucky little girl.

    I got a horrible cold so Easter was spent sniffling and coughing and sleeping and taking medication :( I know you are jealous :)