My Ballerina Girl

("Mom, you're embarrassing me!")

Today was Maddy's first day of dance class. It's a combined Ballet/Tap program full 0f pink and black clad princesses between the ages of four and five. She loved it. The floor was slick, her tap shoes were loud, and her skirt splays out when she twirls. What more could a girl ask for? Her friend!

We had a bit of an issue this morning, the pink tights I had bought specifically for ballet - that had been sitting on my kitchen counter up until Sunday - were missing. Time was running out and still no tights. Maddy suggested that we ask Heavenly Father to help us find them and pray about it to which I replied dismissively, "You pray and I'll keep looking."

Sure enough, I found them at the bottom of her recently reduced stuffed animal basket. "It worked!" she said as I got her ready, "Heavenly Father helped us find the tights." Testimonies can grow in the strangest of places and my almost five year old can put me back on the straight and narrow, teaching me a thing or two about humility.

Pirouettes and Plies...


  1. Forever Young said...

    Oh my gosh!!! She is soooooo cute, and I totally remember the face in the "you are embarrassing me picture", she is still the same little girl :)

    Dance sounds like a good time. It is sweet to hear them pray for things they have lost, with so much faith. To bad we have to get old and jaded.